Will Modern Family Actually End After Season 10?

Cam and Claire in Modern Family

Modern Family Season 10 just suffered a "significant" death, but reports of the ABC show's own demise have been greatly exaggerated. Star Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell Pritchett) said the cast is game to keep the fun going past the 2017-2018 season. As the actor put it:

We'll never have jobs as good as this job. We love these characters so much. We love doing the show ... If we can stick around and make this last a little longer, I think we'd all like that.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson made his comments to The Hollywood Reporter, adding he'd really just like to see the award-winning comedy end on "a strong note." One can't argue with that.

Right now, even co-creator Steve Levitan doesn't know if Season 10 will mark the end or if they'll continue into Season 11, for either a shortened season or a full normal season. He told THR it's partly down to cast contracts and creative concerns to make sure "we have the right stories." He did add, though, that they have talked about this season finale being a potential series ender, and have created "a really nice moment" in case that happens.

Plus, ABC -- part of the Disney family -- is taking ownership of 20th Century Fox, which produces Modern Family, and that upcoming Disney/Fox merger has left many things undecided for the future. So the fate of Modern Family is currently up-in-the-air.

Deadline had recently reported on conversations between the network and the studio about a potential shorter Season 11, with around 18 episodes instead of the usual 22-24. But it sounds like it's too soon to know whether The Powers That Be will go for that or just take a bow.

Actress Sarah Hyland (Haley Dunphy) told THR "it's going to be hard to say goodbye," whenever it happens, but she's ready for her character to grow up and learn how to be a responsible adult, since it's about "five years past her time."

It's also going to be hard for fans to say goodbye to the show, which won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series for its first five years in a row. Since then, it has dipped from its average of 12 million viewers (it's averaging around 5 million so far this season, with a 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demo), and some critics groan when it still finds itself on awards podiums. As much as some longtime fans will miss the show, others think it has past its prime.

Whenever the show does say goodbye, Rico Rodriguez (Manny Delgado) told CinemaBlend exactly how it should end -- and he made a good point. It's easy to forget as you get caught up in the show, but who has been filming them this whole time? And why?! Maybe they'll pull an Office move and finally break that particular fourth wall. Or maybe, since it has been done before with these mockumentary shows, they'll find their own way.

In the meantime, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Sarah Hyland said at least one more "major thing" is still ahead in Season 10 -- and it's bigger than that death.

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