The Flash Is Finally Bringing A Big Villain Back, And He's Not Alone

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The Flash recently teased a big villain's return in a deleted scene that appeared on the internet, and now we have confirmation that Weather Wizard is indeed headed back to the Arrow-verse series. He won't be alone either, although the villain promoted in his return isn't Rag Doll. Instead, it appears as though the upcoming episode "O Come, All Ye Faithful" will be a family affair, but the reunion is far from heartwarming.

While Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) grapples with unresolved anger over her father's disappearance in the future, Barry (Grant Gustin) and Team Flash must stop a powerful new meta, Weather Witch (guest star Reina Hardesty), from killing her own father, Weather Wizard (guest star Liam McIntyre).

It looks as though Team Flash will be doing a bit of protective detail (via FlashTvNews), and could head to Iron Heights to keep Weather Wizard safe. Apparently, his daughter has an ax to grind, although we're not sure what he may have done. Then again, we're talking about a guy who tried to sink the entirety of Central City in a fit of rage, so we're guessing his hatred extends to even those he's closest to.

For the record, DC Comics' Weather Witch is not the villain's daughter. She was a former prostitute of Gotham City that Penguin enlisted to be a member of the New Rogues, only to die at the hands of Weather Wizard. That might be hard for him to accomplish on The Flash given that it's his daughter and the fact that he's seemingly powerless. That said, the Rogue might have a slight advantage over his offspring, as evidenced by the deleted scene.

In the scene, Weather Wizard mentioned to Rag Doll that a "storm is coming." Initially, it seemed like he was alluding to some method that may give him his powers back, but what if he sensed his daughter was coming for him? Assuming Weather Witch's power matches that of her father and nickname, he might be able to sense her presence in some way. Either that, or she sent him a very threatening letter saying she was gonna kill him.

Regardless of what's going down, Weather Wizard appears to be recruiting others for protection. He made fast friends with Rag Doll, who would undoubtedly be handy in a prison break situation if the opportunity arises. The additional chaos of Weather Witch may allow quite a few locked up prisoners to make a break amidst the confusion. Team Flash will likely be able to round up a few, but could they really catch a group of metas all escaping at once?

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