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The Flash packed a lot of story into its Season 5 episode "All Doll'd Up," and while we got a lot of answers for how things will move forward, one awesome scene with the comic-altered villain Rag Doll apparently had to get cut out. The CW has since uploaded the scene online, which shows the audible return of the big Rogue villain Weather Wizard. Check out it!

Well, that was ominous. Sometimes, characters will refer to dark storms in a metaphorical sense, but considering it's Weather Wizard, we're guessing he's only speaking literally when announcing his plans to the newly incarcerated Rag Doll. Mardon's re-introduction makes it sound as though the villain has a plan to escape Iron Heights, and he's looking for some allies to aide his rainy-day efforts.

This is important to note, as an alliance between these two foes on The Flash may mean the Rogues are officially making a comeback. Weather Wizard has been a part of Rogues lineups in past episodes, and both villains have been members of the evildoing group in the comics. With these two joining forces, this might mean the iconic villain outfit is getting a TV lineup change, or is at least adding a new member.

As mentioned, Weather Wizard was a part of the Arrow-verse's original Rogues first established by Leonard Snart and The Trickster. With Wentworth Miller gone and Mark Hamill more or less an occasional guest star at best, it would make sense if Liam McIntire's villain is now the de-facto leader of the outfit.

That said, if the Rogues are returning, we can't necessarily rule out Captain Cold or Trickster returning alongside the Weather Wizard for a one-off adventure. The Flash's 100th episode is coming up, and is said to be full of returning bad guys. It would be a great surprise to see Wentworth Miller and Mark Hamill reprise their roles for another Rogues adventure.

Let's not forget that "cold gun" reference in the middle of "All Doll'd Up." While possibly just a throwaway reference, it feels as though some groundwork is being laid for Captain Cold's return. Even if Wentworth Miller doesn't return, we could always see a new iteration of Captain Cold taking Snart's place.

Of course, this is all assuming The Flash only removed the scene due to time constraints, and not because the scene was no longer relevant, due to producers choosing not to bring Weather Wizard back. If it was a dropped idea or something that wasn't going to ever come into effect though, why would The CW release the clip online at all, without any explanations?

It was teased at SDCC that Season 5 of The Flash would indeed showcase a younger version of the Rogues, although we're not sure if Weather Wizard and Rag Doll's presumed alliance plays into that previous announcement. After all, neither character is necessarily "young," which could mean that Rogues return is meant for other characters. That may be why this scene was ultimately decided to be cut. Maybe Weather Wizard is interested in making Barry travel back in time again...

The Flash airs on The CW on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at what else is happening on television before the end of 2018, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide. For a look ahead at what's on the docket for 2019, hit up our midseason premiere guide.

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