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Did Stephen Amell Just Tease A Smallville Arrow-verse Crossover?

The Arrow-verse has done some pretty crazy things with its crossovers, but what Stephen Amell is teasing on social media just might be the craziest thing the franchise has done yet. The actor shared a photo on his Twitter of Smallville stars Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum taste-testing some wines. The picture, and the fact that Stephen Amell is in the same room as these guys, has us questioning if a Smallville crossover is on the horizon.

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So, why are Stephen Amell, Tom Welling, and Michael Rosenbaum hanging out together and taste-testing wines? The business shown on the screen, Nocking Point, is actually a winery that Stephen Amell has a stake in. The business is based out of Walla Walla, Washington, and has been producing products since it officially started in 2012. This picture looks to be Amell letting Welling and Rosenbaum sample the products, while everyone in the room wears their best ball cap.

A scenario like that sounds innocent enough until one wonders how this meeting came together. Is it possible this meeting was a result of Stephen Amell chatting up Tom Welling and Michael Rosembaum on the set of the "Elseworlds" crossover or Arrow? It's certainly possible, especially when considering the amount of other classic superhero show actors that have appeared in the Arrow-verse so far.

Case in point, we already know John Wesley Shipp will be appearing in "Elseworlds" as The Flash. Granted, Shipp does play the Earth-3 Jay Garrick occasionally on The Flash, but set photos of Garrick suited up more closely resembled his 90s outfit from when he portrayed the hero on a separate series. "Elseworlds" might be trying to keep this theme rolling, and will feature a scene or two with Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum portraying Clark and Lex from Smallville.

If that were true though, why wouldn't Stephen Amell share a photo from the "Elseworlds" set? It's possible this was a secret Amell was barred from sharing, and this wine tasting photo is a way for Amell to skate around any liability for leaking secrets while still keeping up his reputation for revealing secrets to fans. This also could have nothing to do with "Elseworlds" and the men were hanging out after meetings for some other type of Arrow-verse collaboration.

Having said all of that, Stephen Amell's Nocking Point has collaborated with celebrities in the past to create their own wines. Colton Haynes has his own custom wine available through the winery, as does Emily Bett Rickards. That makes it very likely Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling are sampling wines in a business room to discuss a future wine they had a hand in creating, and maybe not to discuss future crossover plans.

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