New Arrow-verse Crossover Pics Show Off Elseworlds' Lois Lane, New Villain And More

The Flash Stephen Amell Elseworlds Crossover The CW

Information about the Arrow-verse's upcoming "Elseworlds" crossover has been flying out the gate as of late, and even more teases on what's to come have arrived in the form of official photos. These new images treat fans to stills from the crossover and include good looks at Lois Lane, The Monitor, and so many other amazing things that will make the remaining wait for the event that much more agonizing for die-hard fans.

Team Arrow-verse Elseworlds The CW

Here we see a bunch of faces an Arrow-verse audience should be familiar with, as well as one that will make its debut in "Elseworlds". As some may already know from the first look we shared, that's Superman's better half, a.k.a. Elizabeth Tulloch's Lois Lane. It appears as though Lois is part of the gang in this picture, although we're not sure how in the know she is about everyone's superpowers beyond possibly Clark and maybe Kara.

One would imagine if Lois and Clark are together, she's probably in the know on these secrets. After all, Felicity knows who Barry is, and Iris knows who Oliver is, so it would be unfair to keep Lois in the dark on the other hero's identities. It also wouldn't be that hard, presumably, considering all it takes to fool most people in Clark's world is a pair of glasses.

Superman Supergirl Tyler Hoechin Melissa Benoist Elseworlds The CW

Heres another look at Supes and his cousin Kara, who are seen focused on something other than the beautiful scenery of Kent Farms behind them. That red barn looks to be straight out of Smallville, and the classic red truck is a nice touch that sells Superman's old-school style and attitude. The two are both wearing different clothing than they were in the previous picture, which may mean "Elseworlds" will visit the farm a few times throughout the special.

We're not sure why anyone is there to begin with, but the answer may be rooted in Kara being one of the few people aware that Oliver and Barry traded places. Apparently, Dr. John Deegan's re-writing of reality didn't impact Earth-38? This may mean one scene happens when Barry and Oliver first seek out Kara, who could be giving her super-cousin a hand on the family farm when they find her.

The Flash Stephen Amell Elseworlds Crossover The CW

Now we have a face we've seen before, but we still can't get used to his "Elseworlds" look. Someone needs to tell Oliver that just because The Flash can grow a beard, it doesn't mean he should. Beyond that Oliver's "Barry" looks a bit concerned and almost sad in this picture, and whoever he's talking to appears to be at the root of it. What could the hero be hearing that would have him in such an emotional state?

It could be that Oliver's frustrated in his speedster form, as getting used to superpowers can be a struggle. That said, Barry managed to pick up Oliver's fighting instincts with relative ease, so perhaps Oliver will get that same gift? It may be a pretty boring affair for Oliver otherwise, although watching him fumble through super speed would be entertaining to watch.

John Deegan Jeremy Davies Elseworlds The CW

Jeremy Davies' Dr. John Deegan is next, and another new character viewers will get to know better during "Elseworlds". He's leaning over what appears to be some sinister-looking medical equipment, which he probably uses quite often in his job at Arkham Asylum. Deegan is to blame for Barry and Oliver's switched bodies, although this photo does little to tell us how unless it's somehow tied to his affinity for decorating with dragons and skulls.

In all seriousness, Dr. John Deegan is one of the most interesting mysteries surrounding "Elseworlds" at the moment. How he managed to flip Barry and Oliver's lives on their heads is amazing, especially considering everyone else is in their world is in on the switch. It has us wondering, are our heroes actually in reality, or locked away in some lab sharing a collective dream?

Batwoman Ruby Rose Elseworlds The CW

Here's yet another look at Ruby Rose's Batwoman, and that suit's looking just as awesome as it has the past couple times we've seen it. Batwoman's in the typical Batman perch pose here, which may mean she's observing or about to spring into action and kick some ass. A "superhero landing" is also an option, although it's a bit rude of her to dent up the hood of some Gotham City citizen's car like that.

Jokes aside, Batwoman is a little too low to the ground to be doing surveillance or keep a low profile. More likely than not, she's about to engage in a fight or ask some character what the hell they're doing in Gotham City. We don't know who she's talking to, but we can confirm it isn't going to be Batman.

The Monitor Lamonica Garrett Elseworlds The CW

If it wasn't apparent that LaMonica Garrett was the most spot-on comic-book casting the Arrow-verse has done in a long time, it certainly is now thanks to this photo. Garrett is just a pair of red eyes short of looking just like the more modernized version of his comic book counterparts. Also that costume is on point, and certainly right up there with Batwoman on the best costumes the Arrow-verse crew has created to date.

For all the things we're learning about other parts of "Elseworlds", Monitor's role in it all has been left in the dark. Is he actually a villain even, or is this all a test for some greater foe down the stretch? We can only wait and see.

John Diggle David Ramsey Elseworlds The CW

John Diggle is left standing strong while a bunch of convicts are down on the ground. Is Diggle hanging out in Arkham Asylum? It would make sense if Oliver and Barry need Dr. John Deegan to reverse their lives back to normal, or if the team ends up getting locked up and needs to be rescue. Diggle looks like he has things handled, although he might want to focus on that guy over his shoulder to avoid a knockout blow.

While he was out of the loop in Barry's "Elseworlds" promo, we're guessing John will be brought into the know that things shouldn't be as he believes him to be. Personally, we're hoping someone forgets him in Star City, and Stephen Amell's Barry has to use his super speed to rescue him. It's a cruel thing to wish considering Diggle always throws up after, but we'd love to see Oliver's reaction to doing it as opposed to Barry.

The CW's "Elseworlds" crossover officially kicks off Sunday, December 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET with a special episode of The Flash. For a look at what else is coming to television around that time and beyond, visit our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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