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Chris Pine's New Show I Am The Night Gets Intense And Weird In New Trailer

A new trailer for Chris Pine's upcoming limited series has been released, and it looks like a chilling ride. Buckle up for an intense mini with a mystery at its fore. I Am the Night stars Pine as a determined reporter working to help a young woman find out the truth about her biological past. Check it out, below:

After a quietly terrific performance in the Netflix movie Outlaw King, Chris Pine is switching things up. In comparison, his role as Jay Singletary in I Am the Night appears to be a much louder one. In the series, Pine's Jay will be on the search for answers. Not only for India Eisley's character but for a larger story that is also at play.

There is a lot to unpack here. If you noticed the "inspired by a true story" mention and have questions, here are some answers. I Am the Night is an adaptation of Fauna Hodel's autobiography, called One Day She'll Darken: The Mysterious Beginnings of Fauna Hodel. As seen in the trailer, India Eisley portrays Fauna.

As you can also tell from the trailer Chris Pine's Jay is a little lost. A reporter, Jay, suffered a massive blow to his reputation after penning a story about Hollywood gynecologist, George Hodel. Are you sensing the connection? Based on the teaser, the reporter clearly believes he has found a new revelation relating to his coverage. Whether it will lead him to the redemption he seeks, only tuning in will tell.

Jay's search appears to be a somewhat dangerous one that evokes Eyes Wide Shut and a lingering true crime mystery: the murder of Elizabeth Short, a.k.a. the "Black Dahlia." No, I Am the Night is not going to have much in common with the 2006 film The Black Dahlia.

There will be multiple layers to the TNT series. As you can tell from the trailer, there are a lot of angles at play. I Am the Night will premiere early next year and be comprised of six episodes. So, a month-and-a-half watch, if you tune in to see it unravel week-to-week. That may be the route to go as I Am the Night appears to have a lot going on. A marathon could get those pieces lost.

Fauna's search for her biological family will lead her down a shocking path. How close I Am the Night plans to stick to the book on which it is based will remain to be seen. The series uses the keyword "inspired."

Based on the trailer, I Am the Night will be a two-hander between Chris Pine and India Eisley. The limited series reunites Pine with his Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. She executive produces the series.

Find out how their latest collaboration turns out when I Am the Night premieres January 28 on TNT. The miniseries is among many television offerings arriving after fall in the upcoming midseason.

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