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Chris Pine Is Reuniting With Wonder Woman Director For Exciting New TV Show

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Arguably the hottest movie of the summer was Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. Gal Gadot will be busy dispensing justice for a while, but Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine are teaming up for a brand new TV series that sounds pretty fabulous. The two are attached to a small screen adaptation of Fauna Hodel's autobiography, called One Day She'll Darken. Jenkins will direct and Pine will star.

One Day She'll Darken will tell the story of Fauna Hodel, who was raised by a black restroom attendant in Nevada after she was given away by her teenage birth mother in the 1940s. As she grows up, Fauna begins to investigate her history, and she discovers shocking connections between her biological family and the infamous "Black Dahlia" murder case. She'll discover that her grandfather was a Hollywood gynecologist by the name of Dr. George Hodel, who has dark secrets that were never meant to be revealed to anyone. Fauna won't be the only one interested in Hodel's secrets; a reporter by the name of Jay Singletary will also go digging into his past.

Chris Pine will play Jay Singletary, who was once a respectable Marine but whose reputation was ruined due to a story about George Hodel many years prior to the plot of One Day She'll Darken. Already desperate and unsteady in his need to redeem himself, his delving into the darkness surrounding Hodel will shake him to his core. The journey will take some unexpected turns, and it sounds like the case may just be too much for Jay to handle.

The drama will run for six episodes and air on TNT. Patty Jenkins is slated to direct the pilot and may also helm additional episodes. Chris Pine has signed on to appear in all six installments and is on board as an executive producer as well. The adaptation of Fauna Hodel's autobiography is being penned by Sam Sheridan, who wrote A FIghter's Heart and The Disaster Diaries. Sheridan will join Pine as executive producer. The project will begin shooting in the fall.

No details are yet available about who will share the small screen with Chris Pine in One Day She'll Darken. Pine is a big name to be attached to a TV show, as the star of the Star Trek franchise and the male lead of the blockbuster Wonder Woman. It should be interesting to see if the project casts other big names or will rely on Pine to bring the star power and attract viewers. Whoever else is cast, we can be sure that Pine at least will deliver a solid performance. He has proven that he can tackle pretty much any genre, and his executive producing role means that he'll have a hand in what goes on behind-the-scenes as well. He's clearly quite invested in the project.

Given that One Day She'll Darken will begin shooting this fall, perhaps we won't have to wait too terribly long for the series to debut. For what you can watch nowadays, our summer TV guide and our 2017 Netflix guide can point you to your many options.

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