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Night King Game Of Thrones HBO

Game of Thrones fans, rejoice! A reunion special has been filmed. It's the type of news fans have been waiting to hear, although the next part may be a bit of a letdown. While HBO has confirmed the rumored reunion special is legit, it also confirmed that the footage of it will not run on the network.

Yes, the price of admission to see the Game of Thrones reunion special will run more than an HBO subscription. Those wishing to watch will instead have to purchase a special box set of the series, which will come packaged with Seasons 1-8 of the fantasy drama. EW reported the box set is going to release in 2019, presumably after the show has completed its run on HBO.

The price of the yet to be released box set is unknown, although a current Season 1-7 Blu-ray set can run just above $110. The exclusive content that fans won't be able to get elsewhere and the fact that this will be the complete series all in one package may push the price well above that. Whatever the case, any Game of Thrones fan who requested a prior box set for the show might want to hold off until this one comes out.

News about a Game of Thrones reunion first leaked out via Sean Bean, who accidentally revealed more than he was supposed to during an interview. Bean revealed the special contains a bulk of the show's major characters and is hosted by Conan O' Brien. Conan's involvement led to some speculating the special would air on his late-night program on TBS, but now we know that's not the case.

As of writing, Sean Bean is the only former Game of Thrones star to officially be confirmed for the reunion special. That said, there were reports of Jason Momoa visiting the set, and it's assumed actors on set for Season 8 are going to be a part of things. Other actors are up in the air, although one would think actors like Aidan Gillen, Jack Gleeson, Richard Madden, and Natalie Dormer were extended an invite considering their character's roles.

As for what the "reunion special" will contain, we can speculate it will contain the usual fare of the cast recalling their favorite memories of being on set and interactions with other actors. There will also probably be discussions of major moments aside from the show's ending considering folks like Bean won't be able to contribute much outside of Season 1.

The reunion special won't be airing on HBO but Game of Thrones Season 8 will kick off on the network April 2019. For a list of things coming before then and around that time, be sure to visit both our fall and midseason premiere guides.