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The Walking Dead Launches Official Tour Of Filming Locations (Including Glenn Memorial)

The Walking Dead, AMC

Are you ready for a two-hour bus tour of The Walking Dead locations? Walk where stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus regularly walk, and pay your respects to fallen heroes like Glenn and Abraham, in The Walking Dead Studio Tour.

The official tours were just announced, taking fans to the sets located in Senoia, Georgia. The Walking Dead Season 9 is currently set in the Alexandria, Virginia area, but the show has always filmed in Georgia.

The Walking Dead, AMC

The studio tour ($65 for adults, $45 for kids) includes a 95-minute bus-led tour of Riverwood Studios' stages and backlots, a 25-minute bus-led tour of Alexandria and the Town of Woodbury, and a commemorative "The Walking Dead Studio Tour" security badge.

The tour takes visitors through The Governor's Woodbury, plus Alexandria, Hilltop, the Sanctuary, Oceanside, Jadis' junkyard (aka The Heaps), the walker-infested pond where Aaron and Rick had such trouble, and a Glenn and Abraham Memorial Site. Here's the description for the memorial tour stop:

Discover the spot where Negan and Lucille took the lives of our beloved survivors, Glenn and Abraham. Guides will talk about the filming process that went into those final moments, which should help you find closure on the two deaths that shocked us most.

No baseball bats allowed! But sorry, Carl, your death didn't make a tour stop.

The Walking Dead, AMC

The official website notes that tours are offered Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays starting December 14. They are set to run through March 31, 2019, which makes sense since Season 10 should start using those locations for pre-production in April, per AMC's usual schedule.

The Walking Dead tends to film from early May to late November in Georgia. So fans would be visiting where their favorite stars were just working, with the actors set to return in the spring. It gets very hot in Georgia in the summer, when they are in the heart of filming, so at least tour visitors will be spared that intense humidity.

The Walking Dead, AMC

It's about time The Walking Dead did something official with these tours, since fans have been flocking to the area for years to try and catch a glimpse of the actors or just check out the sets. They build an entire world down in Senoia, and the stars often visit shops in town during filming.

Of course, while fans are down in Georgia, they may also want to sneak over to the studios and sets of other shows like Stranger Things or The Vampire Diaries/The Originals/Legacies, and movies like The Avengers.

The Walking Dead Season 9 will return for its second half starting Sunday, February 10, at 9 p.m. ET. A lot more TV can be found in our fall TV schedule and our midseason 2019 premiere schedule.

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