Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters Who Should Return In Picard's New Series

The Star Trek franchise is in the process of creating a new series for Jean-Luc Picard, which will cover the next chapter in the Starfleet captain's life. This means there's a possibility of folks from his past making an appearance, so we've created a list of the characters we'd most like to see Picard reconnect with in his older years, as well as some insight as to how a reunion may play out.

Dr. Beverly Crusher Gates McFadden Star Trek: The Next Generation CBS

Beverly Crusher

Of all the connections Jean-Luc Picard shared with crew members, none were as strong as the bond between him and Beverly Crusher. The two played the constant "will they or won't they" game throughout the show and successive films, but only tied the knot in an alternate timeline that resulted in a failed marriage. Seeing as time was changed and that never happened, I'd be curious to know whether the two ever took a chance on love.

Bringing Gates McFadden back for the Picard series would give the Star Trek franchise a chance to bring a satisfying conclusion to this complicated romance, and finally put to rest where the two ended up. Did they marry, or did they go separate ways with Picard living the next few decades in regret? The answer to the question may be devastating, but it's one that almost feels mandatory the new Picard adventure provide an answer to.

William Riker Star Trek: The Next Generation CBS

William Riker

What's a captain without his number 1? Ok, Jean-Luc probably could've managed with someone who wasn't Riker as his second in command, but it's more than fair to say he helped his captain out of some pretty sticky situations more than a few times. In fact, Riker might be one of the main reasons the captain survived to old age as he came through and saved his superior a couple times in the past.

A Picard and Riker reunion would be great for a casual one-off episode, and an excuse to get Jonathan Frakes involved behind the scenes. Not that the show really needs one as Frakes is often down to direct Star Trek projects whether he's in the script or not. Still, the camaraderie between these two and the stories they've shared make the prospect of another adventure between them exciting to think about.

Worf Michael Dorn Star Trek: The Next Generation CBS


Captain Picard and Worf weren't the best of buds on the ship, but the two were certainly close enough to warrant some exchange should circumstances call for it. If Jean-Luc is still involved in Starfleet operations, for example, he could meet up with Worf in wherever life took the Klingon at the time the series takes place.

A Worf reunion could also serve as a backdoor pilot for Michael Dorn's idea for a spinoff which puts his character back within the Klingon ranks. As crazy as CBS All Access seems to be with expanding the Star Trek universe, it isn't the craziest idea to think it might one day consider this spinoff a legitimate avenue to expand the franchise. If not, at least a cameo would mean more Worf, which Star Trek can never have enough of.

Data Brent Spiner Star Trek: The Next Generation


Some Star Trek: The Next Generation reunions in the new Picard series seem improbable, but none may be as improbable as a Data reunion. The character sacrificed himself in Star Trek: Nemesis, making the odds he'd reappear in this CBS All Access program slim. That said, this is the world of Star Trek, and we're sure this upcoming project could find some way to incorporate Brent Spiner's beloved character!

Perhaps some dream sequence could have Picard re-imagining Data as an old human man, which would explain how the android aged. Or, perhaps Data's mind had been recovered, and he could serve as a sentient smart service that Picard could confide in. After all, Star Trek had smart tablets before they existed, so surely the universe has some type of device similar to Amazon's Alexa or Apple's Siri?

Q John De Lancie Star Trek: The Next Generation CBS


Out of all the Star Trek characters that could reunite with Picard in a new romp, Q ranks among the most entertaining. The God-like mysterious being's episodes ranked among some of the best in Star Trek: The Next Generation, as things were always guaranteed to get a little wild and crazy when he was in the mix.

If the new Picard series is looking to recapture the fun feel of Patrick Stewart's first journey, incorporating Q would be the way to do that. The character represents the lighthearted nature of Star Trek, which may be a great antithesis to the mostly serious adventures of Star Trek: Discovery. Of course, we aren't sure what vision the writers are trying to create, so its possible Q and his schtick might be the exact thing it's trying to avoid.

Wesley Crusher Wil Wheaton Star Trek: The Next Generation CBS

Wesley Crusher

Yes, there is someone who wants Wesley Crusher to appear again in a Star Trek show. Wil Wheaton's character on Star Trek: The Next Generation may not have been the best, but it ultimately led the actor to a career that's solidified him as one of the premiere geek celebrities today. It would be a shame to exclude him from Picard's adventure, and not give him a chance to change fans' opinions of Wesley Crusher.

Wil Wheaton is already said he'd be down to appear, although didn't seem all that optimistic about his chances of showing up. Perhaps he's aware of something fans aren't, and Picard may not be in a position where tear-jerking reunions are the easiest things to make happen. Either that, or maybe that's what Patrick Stewart told him because he doesn't want to spend his next Star Trek run cleaning up more of Wesley's messes.

Jean-Luc Picard's next chapter in the Star Trek franchise is set to arrive on CBS All Access sometime in late 2019. CinemaBlend will keep an eye on updates as they develop, and continue to keep an eye on other news on anticipated television shows. For a look at what other programs are coming in the next couple of months, be sure to visit and bookmark our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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