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It's been over a year since Game of Thrones aired its conclusion of Season 7, and yet, the HBO drama is still killing it in 2018. Audiences apparently still can't get enough of Westeros and are binging past episodes quite a bit in preparation for the final season. This resulted in Game of Thrones becoming the top video-on-demand choice for Comcast users in 2018, despite it having zero new episodes this year.

The data is pulled from over 22 million subscribers of Comcast, which ruled Game of Thrones as the top on-demand viewed series of 2018. GoT came out on top of other much-buzzed shows of the year such as This Is Us, Westworld, and Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Apparently, as exciting as television has been in 2018, it still doesn't measure up for some as the exciting battles and blood-soaked storylines the George R.R. Martin-based drama has given the world.

Game of Thrones dominance isn't entirely unexpected, of course, as anticipation continues to mount for the final season's premiere in 2019. Plus, a prequel spinoff is in production as well, so HBO has to be feeling good about this news as its plans to expand the franchise continue to develop. Who knows, with Season 8 coming in 2019, it's possible GoT could land on top of Comcast's on-demand list at the end of next year as well.

Comcast's data, which was provided to USA Today, could be a bit misleading. For example, while some hot shows of 2018 performed beneath Game of Thrones by Comcast's count, it would stand to reason that adding Netflix and Hulu numbers to the mix might add some other shows to the list as well as inflate the numbers of shows like This Is Us. With only Comcast's data to go on, these are the top 5 on-demand shows of 2018.

  1. Game of Thrones (HBO)
  2. This Is Us (NBC)
  3. Power (Starz)
  4. 9-1-1 (Fox)
  5. The Good Doctor (ABC)

Comcast's on-demand data is a good look for HBO in general, as another one of its shows that didn't air a new episode in 2018 made the list. In fact, it's been over a decade since The Sopranos has aired its finale, yet the mobster drama is the eleventh overall viewed on-demand show on the cable provider. It's an impressive feat, and perhaps evidence that Game of Thrones could be achieving the same accomplishment a decade from now or longer.

Game of Thrones final Season 8 is set to premiere on HBO in April 2019. There will be loads more of television programs leading up to that big month and beyond, so be sure to visit and bookmark our handy fall and midseason premiere guides to see what's on the way.