The Simpsons Inspired A Hilariously Odd Moment During An Indie Wrestling Match

The Simpsons has long been an iconic TV show in pop culture. So, it is not entirely surprising that it would make its way to various arenas in life. That said, a wrestling arena may not be the first place you would expect to find a hilarious re-enactment happen. See it for yourself via the clip below:

Indie wrestlers Laura James and BHK brought Bart and Lisa's showdown to life during a match, per YouTube user Joey Ryan. The clip is brief, albeit destined to have its longevity extended through repeat views.

There is a lot to catch here, including how accurately Laura James executed Bart's arm motions. Interestingly, you can also see where Bart and Lisa's game plans did not result in an entirely harmful result. A good thing because the two are siblings.

It has been a while since Bart and Lisa's fight originally aired, although its impact can clearly still be felt. Seeing it portrayed in real life is a sight to behold. The wrestlers' fight required them to be "pulled off" one another. In The Simpsons episode, Marge had to handle the row between the siblings.

If you are having a tough time recalling how the fight between Bart and Lisa escalated into revolving arms and high kicks, this is how it went down. Lisa had entered her room, only to find Bart lying on her bed.

Bart discussed how rivalries have tended to come up between them and that he thought of resolving them civilly. However, he shared that he had decided to take an alternate route. He then revealed that he had ripped the head off of what he believed to be Lisa's Mr. Honey Bunny doll.

Lisa tells him that it is actually his childhood toy. Bart is horrified and begins trying to put the doll's head back on. Lisa tells Bart to leave. He says it is a free country and when that fails, he begrudgingly agrees to go.

Before he does that, he says that he will be moving his arms like so, and the rest of the scene plays out like the clip above shows. As in the wrestling re-enactment, Bart and Lisa make contact as Marge and Homer can hear their muffled fighting in the other part of the house. The former goes to check on them. Homer remains downstairs craving a pie.

All these years later, the show is still making waves. It also continues to air new episodes and receive nods by performers. Wrestlers were not the first to give the show a public tribute in 2018. Earlier this year, LSU's band performed The Simpsons' theme song replete with a formation that made Bart Simpson appear on the field.

Whether this video will kick off a wrestling trend is unclear. New episodes of The Simpsons air Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. The comedy's run will continue in the new year.

Britt Lawrence

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