Watch TV Themes For The Simpsons, The Office And More Performed By LSU's Band

Usually, if there is a halftime show making headlines, it is the Super Bowl's. Well, Louisiana State University's band changed that this weekend. During its game against Louisiana Tech, LSU's band enchanted the crowd with a medley of TV themes from some of television's most beloved comedies. The performance includes the theme songs from The Simpsons, The Office, and two other much-loved NBC sitcoms. Check it out for yourself below:

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What an entertaining halftime show! Thankfully, Louisiana sports writer Jerit Roser posted a clip of it on Twitter. As avid television fans will notice, it was not just the sounds of some outstanding comedies that took the field. The band rounded out their musical performance by creating visuals connected to the TV theme song they played. For The Simpsons, the band aligned to create Bart Simpson on the field. When it came time for The Office formation, they scrolled the series' title.

For Parks and Recreation, the band decided to utilize the name of one of the show's famous holidays to form on the field, selecting the timely "Treat Yo Self" day. The fictional holiday celebrated by Donna and Tom on the single camera comedy takes place on October 13. For those unaware, the point of the holiday is to indulge in purchases they usually would not make on an average day.

While Parks and Rec fans have a while longer to wait for the date to arrive, this LSU band performance is a great way to ramp up anticipation for those celebrating. This leads us to the final song played in the medley featured in the clip: I Dream of Jeannie's. For this performance, the band created a genie bottle on the field, which conjured yet another stunning visual.

Adding a poignant element to the performance is that actor Bill Daily, who played Major Healey on the 1960s sitcom, recently passed away. Another thing worth noting is that apart from The Simpsons, all of the TV themes played were from NBC shows. Is it home to the highest number of fan favorite sitcoms? While that is a debate for another day, this is certainly a terrific halftime show and one can only imagine all the effort that was made to put it together.

All of LSU band's hard work definitely paid off in the form of a highly-entertaining halftime number that paid a sweet homage to popular television. It will be fun to learn if they decide to incorporate other TV themes in the future. Perhaps, a Game of Thrones performance? That would be cool too!

Of the show themes played by LSU's band, only one series is still airing: The Simpsons. You can catch new episodes of the long-running animated comedy when Season 30 premieres September 30 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox, along with many other shows, including those on Fox's schedule.

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