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The Situation is now in prison, but the Jersey Shore star couldn’t go off to the clink without sharing one final video with his followers. A true reality star through and through, Mike Sorrentino chronicled his final moments before he surrendered himself to the authorities to serve his sentence. The footage was made a video, and it’s safe to say its editing may have some saying “WTF.”

The Situation and his wife Lauren Sorrentino are seen in the middle seats as a driver takes Sitch on the final car trip he’ll have for a while. Beyond those three, there’s someone seen tucked away in the very back of the vehicle, and a videographer to capture the sad look on Mike’s face as he heads to his destination. It’s a moment that should feel incredibly sobering and sad, but it’s hard to take serious with all the editing.

For example, there are shots of the driver’s hand, the GPS, and the highway, which feel reminiscent of a scene from The Hills or another MTV reality program. Then there’s a long shot of Lauren Sorrentino in Starbucks waiting on an order, and Mike is seen leaving the building but wasn’t in the shot? Was it necessary to document a coffee run on the way to the correctional facility?

There’s also the editing of the voiceover, which sounds like The Situation’s words spliced to string together inspirational lines he didn’t make all in one sitting. Some sound like sound bites from Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2, and the recording quality is not the best. With all that said, this video is up on the couple’s official YouTube channel, and not an MTV production.

Another thing to note is that Mike’s Jersey Shore Family Vacation pals don’t seem to be around to see him off to prison, which is understandable. Everyone has a lot going on at the moment, and that’s not necessarily the type of event that friends show up in big numbers to commemorate. They’ll apparently see him when he’s out anyway, as Sorrentino mentions in a soundbite he’ll be back in time to film Season 3.

As strange as the video is, folks have to respect the attitude of Mike Sorrentino and his brave face he put on as he made trip to the Otis Correctional Facility. One commenter on the video even shared a glowing review for the prison The Situation is staying at, and said it’s one of the nicest prisons a person can go to in the state of New York.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation will return to MTV for Season 3 in 2019. There’s plenty of television to enjoy in the meantime, so be sure to head on over to our midseason premiere guide and see what all is on the horizon.