America's Got Talent: The Champions Brought Back The Regurgitator For A Truly Gross Performance

It was another week of solid performances on America's Got Talent: The Champions, and while singers continue to be a force to be reckoned with, finalists who can't hold a tune are still bringing their A-game and hoping to make an impression. This includes The Regurgitator, who found himself once again on American television swallowing things and doing weird stuff inside his body. It made for a truly gross, yet somehow amazing performance those who missed it need to see.

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How Stevie Starr manages to do these seemingly impossible things we may never know, which has to be great job security for the definitive "regurgitator" of the world. Seriously though, how does someone slice a tomato with a razor blade inside of their intestines without having to be hospitalized with internal bleeding? Starr truly takes the term "cast-iron stomach" and gives it an entirely new meaning.

While the audience and most of the judges were impressed with The Regurgitator's performance, one judge in particular wasn't happy with what he saw. Those who missed it can probably guess who hated it, as Simon Cowell disliked the performance so much he hit his buzzer button right as Stevie Starr was in the midst of swallowing the razor blade.

Although the buzzer didn't throw The Regurgitator off, he wasn't thrilled to see Simon to press the rejection button. Stevie Starr kept his cool for the most part on stage, but immediately called Simon some expletive name that American censors bleeped during his post-stage interview with Terry Crews. There's a couple options as to what he might have called Simon, and none of them were good.

Stevie Starr's anger towards Simon Cowell is somewhat justified, as the performer is bona fide royalty in the Got Talent franchise. He's participated in 7 versions of the show, including America's Got Talent: The Champions, and has placed fairly well in a majority of them. That wasn't the case this time around though, as Starr was one of the few contestants ushered off the stage after the top competitors of the evening were announced.

In the end America's Got Talent: The Champions would once again advance singers, as Kechi Okwuchi and Brian Justin Crum both advanced on to the finals round of the competition. That now raises the number of singers in the finals to 6, which is two-thirds of the current finalists in the competition.

Stevie Starr is certainly not the first AGT competitor with a pretty gross act. The Human Fountains stuck around the latest regular season of America's Got Talent a lot longer than many expected; unsurprisingly, they did not win.

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