America's Got Talent's Human Fountains Are Back And Grosser Than Ever In Exclusive Clip

America's Got Talent is the place to be on primetime TV for some of the most spectacular, surprising, and yes, super gross acts on the small screen. The current season has seen everything from a dirty dancing elderly couple to a breathtaking trapeze maneuver to a decidedly bizarre Caterpillar Man routine. One of the most memorable acts of Season 13 was undoubtedly The Human Fountains, who hit the stage to spit water into each other's (and host Tyra Banks') mouth, delighting most of the judges and winning them enough votes to make it to the next round of competition. They'll be back in the next episode, and we have a look at how they're upping the ante for the judges:

Simon Cowell was the one judge who didn't vote The Human Fountains forward after their first appearance, and he doesn't look all that inclined to advance them after this performance either, although he did seem to be hiding a grin behind his hands at one point. Guest judge Olivia Munn looks more grossed out than intrigued, so the Fountains may not want to count on moving forward via a Golden Buzzer from her. The audience seemed more grossed out this time around as well, and even Heidi Klum looked like she might not champion their cause. That said, there's no denying that The Human Fountains won a strong reaction from the crowd, and being memorable is very important on America's Got Talent. Besides, they deserve some credit for the sheer nerve it takes to go on national television with that act.

The act this time around saw The Human Fountains forgo their usual act of simply spitting water at each other, into each other's mouths, and up into their air. This time, the guys are incorporating raw eggs, which... is a bold move. The good news is that they evidently managed to not get Salmonella while practicing for this act; the bad news is that they won't be able to immediately rush off stage to some mouthwash and toothpaste if they want to hear what the judges have to say. Something tells me that the judges won't hold back with their comments, and we should definitely all tune in to hear their thoughts on this new and more intense version of The Human Fountains' act.

The competition is stiffer than ever in the Judge Cuts round of competition, and the judges had to send a number of killer acts home by the end of last week's episode. Some incredibly talented performers were cut, and the judges were visibly upset about some of the decisions they had to make. Will this next episode be the end of the America's Got Talent road for The Human Fountains? There's no arguing that their act isn't something you see everywhere, and not many people necessarily have the nerve to go up in front of a huge audience, a panel of judges, and millions of people watching from home to spit liquids at each other in formalwear. We'll have to wait and see.

Tune in to NBC on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET to see new episodes of America's Got Talent. The Human Fountains will provide only one of the acts in the next episode, and it's definitely worth watching to see who makes the cut and who's going home. For some additional viewing options, check out our summer TV premiere schedule.

Laura Hurley
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