How Star Trek: Discovery Is Giving Pike An Unexpected Story In Season 2

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Anson Mount's Captain Christopher Pike has been an early high point of Star Trek: Discovery Season 2, and it sounds like there's going to be quite a lot happening with the temporary Discovery captain in the new season. This involves telling a new story in the Pike lore, one that will reference the currently existing lore of Pike in some way. Mount said this:

We will be referencing canon associated with Pike, but probably not in the way that most people are imagining

Well, that's ambiguous, in more ways than one. Obviously, most of Pike's story in Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 will affect his lore in some way. With that said, the thing folks might be assuming will be referenced is how Pike gets severely injured prior to the events of "The Menagerie" in the original Star Trek. It appears that may not be shown this season, but something else worth noting will.

As far as what that could be is anyone's guess, as Anson Mount acknowledged there was a lot of room to grow the character with his portrayal. He, along with the Discovery writers, came to agree that the Pike in "The Cage" and the Pike in "The Menagerie" are two different people, so the person the captain is between their versions is up to interpretation.

This extended to how Star Trek: Discovery will portray the dynamic of Captain Pike and Spock. As Star Trek fans know, Spock had a high level of respect for his former captain, so there was an expectation the two would be pals in Season 2. Mount talked briefly about how the writers developed the relationship between the two characters, and had some high praise for the latest actor to portray Spock, Ethan Peck:

It was really a matter of feeling it out as the writers figured it out. And I got lucky be handed an actor as incredibly talented as Ethan Peck. That guy right there is gonna be a big time movie star, he’s got it all...some of the cues came from our own friendship on set. He’s such a lovely guy.

Fans have yet to see any interaction between Captain Pike and Spock, although Anson Mount's praise indicates the two will share some scenes throughout Star Trek: Discovery Season 2. Could the two's relationship have something to do with how Pike's canon will be affected? Will we learn why Spock was so dead-set on delivering his former Captain to Talos despite the risk of death at the hands of Starfleet?

Anson Mount didn't slip up and reveal any spoilers, but did tease there's going to be some tough times ahead for the character. Mount told CinemaBlend's TV Editor Nick Venable following the TCA panel for Star Trek: Discovery things are going to get emotional for Pike:

I mean he goes, he goes through some major emotional challenges in this season and can't talk about any of them...I was challenged as an actor on this job as much as I've ever been.

It all sounds like a lot to look forward to as Star Trek: Discovery airs on CBS All Access Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET. Lots of shows are popping up in the first half of 2019, so be sure to head over to our midseason premiere guide to see what's on the way.

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