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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Jersey Shore Family Vacation MTV

The Situation's transformation on Jersey Shore Family Vacation has been one of the most satisfying things about the reality revival, but there was a point where the reality star was unsure whether that was the person people wanted to see. Mike Sorrentino recently revealed he wracked his brain prior to Season 1's start with thoughts on how he'd contribute to the program without compromising his sobriety. Staying sober was important, so he vowed to make that part of the journey:

I was known to be one of the bigger partiers of Jersey Shore, so I had to think in my brain how I was going to contribute to Jersey Shore if it even gets popular. You don’t even know if people are going to watch the show again. I just said to myself ‘I’m gonna have to continue to challenge myself in my recovery.’ My base was just two years sober. I had the sponsor, I had a good support system with my wife…I’m just so proud of my progress from this past year.

Mike Sorrentino has certainly challenged himself on Jersey Shore Family Vacation thus far, and frequently entered the lion's den of temptation during days and nights out with the rest of the cast. He's frequently around alcohol and individuals partying hard, but has not yet been seen wavering in his commitment to staying clean from drugs and alcohol. As The Situation alluded to in the quote above, that was not the case on Jersey Shore.

The Jersey Shore cast in general was portrayed to be party animals, but many of them have mentioned The Situation was the biggest partier of the bunch. The reality star continued to struggle with his addictions both on and off the set of the original Jersey Shore, before coming to a realization about himself that he stated in a recent video was the turning point in his treatment.

I had an obsessive personality. It took me into my thirties to realize that any substance I was going to do to excess...what you have to do is change your behaviors from negative ones to positive ones one day at a time...I go back to my baseline which is being grateful. That’s where it all starts.

Currently, The Situation is serving a jail sentence for tax evasion while production is underway for Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3. It's unknown exactly how long filming for the new season will go on, and whether or not production will wrap before the reality star is out of jail. Situation recently uploaded a video of him surrendering to authorities, and neither his castmates nor JSFV's cameras were anywhere to be seen.

Season 3 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation is scheduled to release on MTV sometime in 2019. For a look at what else is coming to television in the meantime, be sure to visit and bookmark our midseason premiere guide.

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