The Twilight Zone: 5 Creepy Moments From That Amazing Trailer

A new trailer has arrived for CBS All Access' The Twilight Zone, and hoo boy, does it give chills. Chills in the sense that this looks like a series that will gain a lot of acclaim and positive reviews very quickly, and chills because some of the scenes shown in the trailer (which you can view in full below) are legitimately creepy. Listed in no particular order, here are some of the creepiest moments we pulled from this amazing footage.

Lady On Rocks The Twilight Zone CBS All Access

Lady On The Rocks

A woman standing alone on a bunch of rocks near a large body of water in a romance film may be seen as a pleasant scene. In TV shows like The Twilight Zone, however, this is usually a red flag. What's she plotting standing there over on those rocks? Is she a ghost just waiting for the person who saw her in the distance to turn their head so she can disappear and freak them out?

Then again, there's something about the way she has those arms behind her back. It's like she holds the answers to whatever mystery is going on, and that a character should approach her to get them. This scene appears tied to the one with Adam Scott's character on a beach, so perhaps he'll find the answer to his number mystery searching her out.

Tracy Morgan The Twilight Zone CBS All Access

Creepy Tracy Morgan?

Tracy Morgan's run in Hollywood primarily revolves around a character that may or may not be a slight exaggeration of his actual self. Folks know what to expect from him, they love it, and it never gets old. Rarely does he deviate from that routine, although it took all of one line to make it seem like what he's signed on to do in The Twilight Zone is entirely different.

This could be a case of perfect casting. It's one thing to put a creepy actor in a role like that, but giving a well-known comedy actor a chance to show his scary side provides the extra thrill of subverted expectations. It will be very interesting to see what Tracy Morgan does with this role, and if his appearance on The Twilight Zone leads to other roles folks wouldn't have originally expected him to take.

Doll's Head The Twilight Zone CBS All Access

Doll's Head

Dolls are one of those things that are almost never creepy except for when they're utilized in science fiction and horror projects. That may be because those dolls are often not ones any sane individual would own in real life, as evidenced by this hideous-looking dismembered doll head floating in the water. Is that a female doll with heavy eye shadow, or an action figure of a burnt out '80s metal front man?

This looks to be the same body of water that had that lady standing on the rocks, which makes this place an official 0/10 for best beaches in the world. There's really no telling what's happening in this episode of The Twilight Zone with so little context, but that was one of the things that made the original so brilliant. Hopefully, this is one of those episodes where it's not so clear what's happening until the ending.

Kid The Twilight Zone CBS All Access

Kid President On A Tricycle

Jacob Tremblay can do a lot of things, and that includes making a tricycle ride through the White House look like slightly disturbing. The act itself isn't all that weird, although obviously everyone is wondering what happened to make America decide to elect a literal child to be the leader of the free world. Especially when he's up to shenanigans like this! Okay, maybe he's not the president and is just hanging out in the White House.

This is an example of where the scene itself isn't incredibly creepy, although the way its shot references one of the creepiest scenes in cinema. There's no way this scene was shot without trying to draw some comparison to Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, because it just feels so similar. Does that mean there are also identical twins eerily hanging out? Probably not, but let's hope for more nods to classic movies in The Twilight Zone.

Jordan Peele The Twilight Zone CBS All Access

Jordan Peele In The Diner

Whether it's Rod Serling or Jordan Peele, there's a certain level of creepiness that comes to being the host of The Twilight Zone. They're the gatekeepers to these weird and bizarre stories, and are able to inject themselves into the story unnoticed by everyone except the audience they're addressing. Honestly, one would think putting a face to a typically disembodied narrator would be reassuring, but it's always just a little weird in this case.

Weird is what The Twilight Zone aims for, so Jordan Peele is playing up the role in his glare to the camera. It's more evidence he intends to uphold Rod Serling's vision of the original, and possibly a sign that CBS All Access may have yet another hit show that will bump its subscriber numbers up quite a bit. It'll also serve for a bit of variety, as the platform is slowly becoming a hub for all things Star Trek.

Adam Scott The Twilight Zone CBS All Access

Honorable Mention: Adam Scott On A Beach

It looks like Adam Scott's character is the unlucky guy who ends up on that creepy beach we referenced before, and he'll have to put up with quite a lot. We already saw the doll head and the lady standing on the rocks, and now it looks like there's some luggage floating in the water behind him. Check out the trailer for yourself!

The only thing we know is he's tripping out in The Twilight Zone trailer, and talking about a device predicting an event would happen as that event happened. That's sounds like the kind of stuff that happens in these episodes, so chances are things are about to get much worse for him on that beach. That doesn't necessarily mean he's going to die or anything, although we don't like his chances with that creepy lady on the rocks.

The Twilight Zone arrives on CBS All Access Monday, April 1, and no, that isn't a joke. Keep tabs on other shows set to arrive in the early half of 2019 by visiting and bookmarking CinemaBlend's handy midseason premiere guide.

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