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Spoilers ahead for the final episode of Season 23 of The Bachelor, which revealed the identity of the next Bachelorette leading lady.

Season 23 of The Bachelor has come to an end, and the finale revealed how Colton got himself out of the mess that had left him heartbroken with two women he didn't want. Tayshia and Hannah G. were abruptly dumped in the first half of the finale, and Colton reconciled with Cassie in the second half. The Colton chapter of the Bachelor franchise is finished, and the time has come for the next Bachelorette leading lady to step up. Her identity has been revealed: Hannah Brown is the next Bachelorette.

Hannah Brown -- better known as Hannah B., thanks to the presence of another Hannah in Colton's batch of ladies -- strutted out onto stage in the second half of the Bachelor finale in sky-high heels and a one-sleeved red dress to seize her place in the spotlight as the next Bachelorette. Hannah was excited about the prospect of looking for love as the star of a show, but she was also pretty easily flustered as she tried to keep up with Chris Harrison.

The former Miss Alabama had to just go with the flow, as she clearly wasn't in the loop on everything that was happening, and she did recover some poise after she got to meet five of the guys who will try to win her heart.

Yes, Chris Harrison trotted out five of the men who will vie for her affections on The Bachelorette to try and impress her, and Hannah jokingly suggested that she hand out a rose to one of them. Harrison decided that sounded like a grand idea, found a rose for her, and left her to choose one of the five as the first to receive a rose.

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Of the five, there were two by the name of Luke, but neither was the one to receive the first rose. Hannah struggled with the rose, as she wasn't sure how to pin it on the lucky guy's suit. Hey, maybe she's getting her nerves out of the way now and will be super smooth by the time she hits primetime as the Bachelorette leading lady!

Hannah Brown as the next Bachelorette may come as a surprise to some viewers. She came in seventh in Colton's season of The Bachelor, and the new Bachelorette stars are often closer to the top spot than seventh. Of course, I wouldn't blame Tayshia or Hannah G. if they didn't want to be anywhere near another dating reality show. They didn't exactly get a dignified exit from The Bachelor thanks to Colton's early decision to put it all on the line for Cassie.

According to one previous Bachelorette, none of the women from Colton's season should have gotten to star in the next show because of "so much cattiness." For Hannah's sake, I hope that at least some of the guys in her season aren't too complicated or come with too much baggage. At the very least, we can probably count on fewer jokes about virginity in her season than in Colton's season of The Bachelor.

No premiere date has been confirmed for Hannah's season of The Bachelorette yet, so stick with what has already been announced this midseason for the time being. There are plenty of options, even if they lack the same reality TV melodrama that Hannah witnessed (and participated in) on The Bachelor. My fingers are crossed that the Bachelor franchise learned some valuable lessons from Colton's season.