NCIS: Los Angeles Cast Talks Exciting Reveals And More In The Big Wedding Episode

After nine seasons as partners, five-ish seasons as love interests, and two seasons engaged, Kensi and Deeks finally get to tie the knot on NCIS: Los Angeles. Despite some rough patches that ranged from struggles in communication to being on different pages about the future to literal physical torture, they're poised to actually get married without anybody getting kidnapped, blown up, or shot to prevent the exchanging of vows.

Of course, NCIS: Los Angeles surely won't just dedicate a full hour to domestic shenanigans as Kensi and Deeks prepare to get married, and the big question is what will go down in this game-changing episode. Luckily, members of the NCIS: LA cast weighed in on what to expect in the big wedding. Let's start with Kensi herself: Daniela Ruah.

Sunshine And Gunpowder

According to Daniela Ruah, the big wedding episode will deliver what fans have come to know and love from Kensi and Deeks. If there's a happy ending, that might be slightly atypical for some of the Densi-heavy episodes of the last couple of seasons. The course of true love hasn't run smooth for these two crazy kids. Here's what Ruah teases about what's in store:

We do it in a very Kensi and Deeks way. The whole episode is very 'sunshine and gunpowder.’

Whether or not you're invested in the Kensi/Deeks romance, you have to admit that Daniela Ruah's shout-out to "sunshine and gunpowder" is pretty cute. The phrase was first dropped when Kensi asked Deeks to describe her smell as part of a partnership quiz back in Season 4, and then referenced again after Kensi surprised Deeks by proposing to him with a flash bang ring in the Season 8 finale. "Sunshine and gunpowder" doesn't exactly give away a lot of details about the episode, but it bodes well!

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The Girls Appear

Kensi has almost always come across as a woman whose best friends are her male coworkers and who loves traditionally masculine hobbies, but that's mostly because her gaggle of gal pals has been off-screen all along. Based on Deeks' commentary on them, they're not the kind of friends that fans have seen with Kensi before, and a whole new side of Kensi emerges around them. Daniela Ruah went on in the cast chat with EW to tease their arrival:

We've been hearing about Cat, Mindy, Mandy, Tiffany, and Tiffany for the longest time, and finally during the wedding we get to meet the girls. Which is very very cool.

Based on promo photos for the wedding, Kensi has recruited Cat, Mindy, Mandy, Tiffany, and Tiffany as her bridesmaids for the big day. One of the bridesmaids is very pregnant; hopefully whatever crises arise in the episode don't involve her water breaking. The girls are dressed in pastel pink, so kudos to Kensi for not being afraid to dress her bridesmaids in a color not so far off from white!

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The Box

Back in Season 4, NCIS: Los Angeles introduced the enigmatic box that would come to mystify fans for years. At first, The Box seemed like it could have been a gag designed to deliver some laughs and shenanigans between Kensi and Deeks. It came to represent their relationship in some ways, as neither was willing to open it, and Deeks even said he was afraid of what he would find after wondering for so long. Daniela Ruah has some good news for fans still wanting to know:

And then we have another revelation, which is The Box. We find out what's in The Box, and it's absolutely beautiful.

Not only is The Box opening, but it's also going to reveal something beautiful! Is this something that has been in the box all along, or something that Kensi slipped inside in honor of their nuptials? Fans might be a bit dismayed if the big reveal is something that Kensi added recently. Then again, she might not have included something "beautiful" way back before they got together. Whatever is inside, fans will soon no longer need to wonder.

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Surprises In Store

Would it really be NCIS: Los Angeles if everything went off without a hitch? The "I dos" will be exchanged, so whatever goes sideways won't completely derail the happy event, but that doesn't mean everybody won't be on edge at some point during the hour. Weddings can be stressful affairs even without NCIS agents in attendance! LL Cool J, who plays Sam Hanna, shared some of what to expect:

We have a few surprises at the wedding. Some good, some bad, and some in between.

Based on promo photos, I'd be surprised if some action doesn't go down at the actual ceremony. In pics of Kensi getting ready, her dress is floor-length. In pics of Kensi walking down the aisle (with Sam and Callen at her side), her dress has a very asymmetrical hem. Will Kensi need to kick ass and take down some bad guys in her formalwear? It wouldn't be the first time. We already know Deeks is getting a surprise visitor; could Hetty be another surprise?

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Fans Will Be Happy

Kensi and Deeks' wedding will be the culmination of a relationship that has been developing and accumulating fans for nearly a decade, so the stakes are pretty high for the episode. Satisfying a fanbase with high expectations for a romance is a tall order. Fortunately, the actors who have brought Kensi and Deeks to life for the past nine seasons together have some promising words:

Daniela Ruah: I'm happy. I'm excited for what people are going to think. It's also something that we really have to live up to whatever is in people's minds at this point. Why are you grinning?Eric Christian Olsen: Because I think it does!Ruah: Oh, you agree with me! Olsen: Yeah, I think it does live up to it.

Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen have almost certainly spent more time working together than with any other member of the cast ever since Olsen joined the cast as a regular in Season 2, so we can probably trust their word that the episode will be a hit with fans. In a fun twist, Ruah and Olsen are in each other's lives off-screen as well, as Ruah married Olsen's brother. The real-life in-laws are getting on-screen married!

Tune in to CBS on Sunday, March 17 at 9 p.m. ET for Kensi and Deeks' wedding episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. It's one of three NCIS shows airing new episodes this midseason, and fans of the original NCIS may soon lose a member of the team. Maybe a wedding is what everybody needs right about now!

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