NCIS: Los Angeles Star Reveals Kensi And Deeks Scene She Couldn't Stop Crying Over

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The long-awaited wedding of Kensi and Deeks is finally happening on NCIS: Los Angeles, and all signs point toward the nuptials actually going down without being crashed by a squad of gun-toting baddies, rigged with explosives, or shot up in classic NCIS: LA fashion. It seems that the couple that has gone through hell and back a few times will finally get to tie the knot! As the big event approaches, actors Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen weighed in on their favorite Densi scenes over the years.

While some of the moments were at least somewhat happy, Daniela Ruah revealed one Kensi/Deeks scene that had her crying and crying. Here's the scene that made her so upset:

The fight in the parking lot? The breakup? I couldn’t stop crying in the table read.

Something tells me that Daniela Ruah isn't the only person who cried because of Kensi and Deeks' big parking lot fight! In case you've forgotten, missed it the first time around, and/or were so emotionally traumatized by it that you blocked it out of your memory, the parking lot fight went down in the two-part Season 9 finale.

The conflict that had been brewing all season of Deeks wanting them to leave NCIS and begin a life without regular risk of death and Kensi wanting to stay in her job came to a head, with Deeks begging her to agree that their current mission would be their last. Kensi finally confessed that she wasn't sure that she ever wanted to leave, and she wasn't sure that she wanted to have kids.

Shellshocked by the revelation that she didn't necessarily see a safe future with a set of kids that would mean giving up NCIS, Deeks said that he didn't think they should get married. Unfortunately, this all happened when Deeks was on the verge of being dragged back to his home and the stakes of their mission were incredibly high, so it wasn't the best time for a fight, especially a fight in which neither one was really wrong or right.

In the scene, Kensi and Deeks clearly still loved each other very much, but they reached an impasse that meant they couldn't see the other's future. Season 9 ended with NCIS: LA's set of lovebirds broken up and in grave danger.

All things considered, it's wonder Daniela Ruah was so upset! The Kensi/Deeks romance has been developing for years, and she has probably spent more time with Eric Christian Olsen than any other member of the cast. Kensi and Deeks were partners for years before they got romantic. Also, she and Olsen are in-laws, as she married his brother! It must have been a difficult scene to perform, even in just the table read stage of the finale.

Thankfully, Kensi and Deeks made amends and got re-engaged after the explosive cliffhanger that nearly killed Deeks. Check out the finished product of the parking lot fight that temporarily ended the plans for a wedding:

Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen shared four other favorite Densi moments with TV Insider as well. Ruah mentioned the first Kensi/Deeks kiss from way back in Season 3, although it was an undercover kiss when they were pretending to be a married couple.

She also selected the game-changing Season 5 scene when Deeks takes Kensi on a date without actually specifying that he was asking her on a date. For Daniela Ruah, it was especially memorable because she was pregnant and dressed in a baggy shirt to hide her bump. She may have been pregnant, but the actress wasn't!

As for Eric Christian Olsen, he went with the first real kiss between Kensi and Deeks in Season 4, although that wasn't a scene overflowing with tenderness. As Densi fans will remember, the tension that had been growing between them finally broke when Deeks, annoyed that neither was addressing the romantic elephant in the room, walked over to her and planted a big kiss on her. Well, that's one way to try and work on communication!

Eric Christian Olsen's other favorite Densi scene that he chose was from Season 5, when Deeks was struggling PTSD following his torture in the Season 4 finale. He wasn't sleeping or returning calls, so Kensi picked up some deliciously unhealthy takeout and dropped by his place, determined to get through to him. With Kensi by his side, he finally fell asleep, but not before kinda sorta sleepily calling their story "a love story." There's the tenderness Densi fans were looking for!

Now, despite all of the ups and downs, Kensi and Deeks are set to tie the knot in just a couple of weeks. They're looking swanky in their wedding outfits, and my fingers are crossed that Deeks' unexpected visitor won't derail the ceremony. Given that the visitor is none other than Anatoli Kirkin, Deeks will probably spend part of his last day as an unmarried man being hit on by a Russian criminal.

Perhaps the bigger question is whether or not Hetty will make it back for the wedding. The enigmatic on-and-off leader of the Los Angeles branch of NCIS has been mostly absent from Season 10 due to actress Linda Hunt's need to recover from a traffic accident.

Hetty never really tried to break Kensi and Deeks up despite the fact that a romance should have meant the end of their professional partnership, the wedding is one of the biggest things to happen in the history of NCIS: Los Angeles, and certainly one of the happiest things, assuming it doesn't end in murder, mayhem, and/or torture. Let's have a happy ending with Hetty on hand!

Admittedly, the wedding episode is called "Till Death Do Us Part," which doesn't point toward an episode without anybody biting the dust, but this is NCIS: Los Angeles we're talking about. Would it really feel right if there wasn't a chase or shootout at some point? As long as Kensi and Deeks don't have to do any chasing in their formalwear, I think Densi fans can be happy.

Fortunately, the wait for the wedding episode is nearly at an end. "Till Death Do Us Part" will air on Sunday, March 17 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. It's not the season finale of NCIS, so hopefully fans will get to see how Kensi and Deeks are different on the job once they've tied the knot. There's plenty to catch on the small screen now and in the not-too-distant future this midseason, and not just with NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans.

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