The Simpsons' Yeardley Smith Now Wants To See Lisa As A Disney Princess

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With Disney and Fox's merger officially complete, the world can only wait and see if the two companies will continue to operate independently or intermix the licensed characters of each respected outfit for all new adventures. Some franchises colliding, such as the Avengers and X-Men, feel likely. Others, like Lisa Simpson becoming a Disney princess, aren't as probable but voice actress Yeardley Smith admitted recently she's a fan:

What’s funny is we actually almost recorded a promo where Lisa was excited that she gets to be a Disney princess. I’m excited. Any tiara, anytime, anywhere and any form, sign me up.

That's right Disney, Yeardley Smith is ready to get in on that sweet princess action. Of course, the fact that Lisa isn't actually a royal princess may hurt her chances of inclusion, so the show or Disney would have to enact some changes to the premise to make that possible. Smith told Variety she didn't know if Disney had plans to use its power to change the series in any way, but mentioned the idea is a "risky proposition."

Yeardley Smith may have reservations about Disney potentially changing The Simpsons, but injecting the dysfunctional family into other Disney properties is alright by her. When asked about her opinion of Homer being a part of Marvel's Avengers down the line or Lisa having a cameo in a Frozen film, she was ready to sign on the dotted line.

Oh, I think that’s a good idea. I like that, that’s sort of again in the Lisa/Disney princess sort of vein. I’m all about that.

Of course, Disney isn't just in the business of giving just any character they own the title of Disney Princess. While newer characters like Moana and Elsa have been added in recent years, the company has balked at adding Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia into the mix. Other characters like Hercules' Meg and Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire aren't canon Disney princesses either, despite being prominent characters of Disney animated features. Does Lisa Simpson really stand a chance?

Probably not, but who knows how this marriage between Fox and Disney will ultimately shape the future? The next decade will surely bring some interesting Fox/Disney crossovers the world would've never expected before, so perhaps Lisa's day as a Disney princess is coming. Until then, she can always hold onto her brief reign as the "Lizard Queen" of Duff Gardens.

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