The Blacklist Just Gave Surprising Updates On Liz's Mother And Grandmother

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Caution: Spoilers for the latest episode of The Blacklist Season 6 (“Lady Luck”) are discussed and disclosed below.

Ressler is not giving up on finding out who Red really is, even though Liz told Ressler to drop his inquiry into Red’s true identity. What Ressler uncovered in the latest episode of The Blacklist could change her mind. Liz would be very curious to hear the updates Ressler has learned regarding Liz’s mother and grandmother.

It looks like they could both very much be alive -- something that will not come as a massive shock to Blacklist fans. Katarina’s death has been mired in mystery for a long time. She supposedly walked into the ocean and never returned. Red has repeatedly said she is dead. This episode of The Blacklist hinted she instead took deep cover.

While finding Katarina will require further efforts, having a chat with Katarina’s mother will be much easier. At the end of the episode, the whereabouts of Liz’s grandma seemed to become known. It turns out, she has been in the United States living as Virginia King. She married a guy named Tim King in 1998, and they live in Chicago.

Primed with that knowledge, Ressler seems ready to act. NBC’s synopsis for next week’s episode says that Ressler will continue his quest for answers regarding Katarina. What will he find? Hopefully, he interviews Liz’s grandmother. How much she will be willing to say is questionable.

Why is she going to open up to Ressler, of all people? Could his knowing Liz, aka her granddaughter, make her willing to saying something? If it was Liz asking the questions, she might be more open to providing further insight. Otherwise, you would think her first loyalty would be to Liz’s mom.

What happened to Katarina’s dad? Well, that is one of the few questions that has an answer. Viewers know that Liz’s grandfather is alive, thanks to previous seasons. He lives under the identity of Dominic “Dom” Wilkinson. Red has visited him in past seasons. Liz has met him without knowing he is her grandfather. The Blacklist has yet to show him in Season 6.

There is a lot of hostility between Red and Dom. However, the two still maintain contact. Dom knows that Red is an imposter. Liz's grandfather is one of the few to know Red's real identity. Dom and Red are close enough that the latter destroyed the remains of the “real” Raymond Reddington in front of Dom.

With the discovery of Liz’s grandmother, there are now questions about her grandfather. Why did they go their separate ways? Does he know where the mother of his child is? Ressler finding and interviewing him would prove just as useful, although he is unlikely to reveal much.

Ressler is probably hoping Katarina still visits her mother. Surveillance on her could provide answers. Will someone visit her? Has Katarina been alive this whole time? Will Liz forgive Ressler for continuing his investigation?

Find out what else Ressler uncovers about Liz’s mom and grandma when new episodes of The Blacklist air Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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