Is The Blacklist Setting Liz Up For A New Romance?

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Liz seems to have little room for a love life on The Blacklist with everything that is going on... or does she? Is The Blacklist setting Liz up for a new romance? It was the question on many fans’ minds after Liz and Ressler collaborated in a recent episode. What exactly is going on between them? Blacklist creator Jon Bokenkamp had this to say:

All emotional relationships are a little bit on hold with her while she's trying to figure out what this relationship is with this imposter that has come into her life. But yes, I would acknowledge that there was something over that weekend episode. That episode that took place sort of over the weekend, where they were cleaning up her mess and a number of dead bodies, that did feel rather flirty.

Interesting. It sounds like fans were correctly picking up on a spark igniting between the duo. Based on what Jon Bokenkamp told TV Guide, something is going on there. As he points out, Liz has a lot in her life on hold. Thus, The Blacklist could play a “will they won’t they” angle for a while.

Why rush? There is another season of The Blacklist on its way and plenty of time to sort things out. Liz and Ressler are far from strangers. Let’s face it, learning that Red is not Raymond Reddington has helped matters. Plus, she trusted him with the truth. Not to mention, there has been a lot of perceptible headway for a Liz/Ressler coupling.

There has always been a flirtatious edge to Liz and Ressler’s relationship, to the point where it seemed like Season 1 was going strong to set it up. Despite the tremendous tumult that unfolded between them, Liz and Tom’s romance prevailed.

Unlike many heroines in recent television, Liz started The Blacklist married to Tom. When he turned out not be who he said he was, it seemed like things were over for good between them. Eventually, they reconciled and had Agnes. They were even happy for a while.

Maybe Liz will have two loves of her life? The recent episode with Liz and Ressler working together was more appealing than expected. Nothing felt forced. They were just two friends flirting. Those are the best starts when it comes to TV romances. Ressler even seemed relaxed despite the circumstances, so something was happening.

Liz did not seem sorry that Ressler’s relationship did not work out either. Six seasons of The Blacklist proved Ressler is a good guy. So, him and Liz getting together with where her life is now makes sense.

A thing that has always been great about The Blacklist is that they have never gone the obvious way with Liz’s love life. It has always taken complicated turns. Seeing Ressler and Liz transcend their platonic status should be compelling.

She and Ressler have a friendship that has been tested over the years, and Red always seemed to like him. That always felt like a sign of things to come between Liz and Ressler.

Find out if Liz and Ressler get romantic when The Blacklist continues with new episodes airing Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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