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Star Trek Is Getting A New TV Show Somewhere Other Than CBS All Access

William Shatner Star Trek: The Animated Series

There has been no shortage of Star Trek television news as of late, as Alex Kurtzman and crew have been churning out spinoffs for the franchise faster than Tribbles multiply. True to that statement, yet another new Star Trek series is on the way. This time, though, it won't be airing on CBS All Access. Instead Star Trek is headed to Nickelodeon with an all new CG animated series that sounds like something kids and adults will be interested in.

The series, which doesn't have a title just yet, will follow a group of "lawless" teens who take a beat-up Starfleet ship and travel around in search of adventure, purpose, and an escape from their usual lives. The timeline in which this series takes place or what species it will follow has not been outlined, although it has been stated this show will have no connection to the other announced, more adult animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks.

As for who is working behind the scenes, Star Trek has brought on Kevin and Dan Hageman to executive produce. The brothers have worked on several projects in the past like Trollhunters: Legends of Arcadia, Ninjago, Hotel Transylvania, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Suffice to say they're more than qualified to tackle this new Star Trek project, and their involvement should have those familiar with their work very excited.

Especially given the statements on the show that TVLine initially reported. While this series may have a far-reaching appeal to all ages, the core goal and reason it's appearing on Nickelodeon is to expose a younger generation to the wonder of Star Trek. It's not a bad strategy, considering the plethora of content out there that will no doubt still be floating around streaming by the time today's younger minds become adults.

This also isn't the first time Star Trek has targeted children specifically with its program. Many may be familiar with the animated series of the 70s, which ended up scoring an Emmy for Outstanding Children's Programming in 1975. That's pretty impressive for a cartoon that only went 22 episodes, so one could think this new series could win some awards of its own.

The CG Star Trek adventure has further loaded up the franchise's future television presence which, as previously mentioned, is quite expansive. Star Trek: Discovery will return for Season 3, and then there's a Section 31 spinoff, the aforementioned adult animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Trek: Short Treks, and the still untitled but much-hyped Picard show. Does this finally round out the list of upcoming Star Trek content, or are there more on the way?

CinemaBlend will keep Star Trek fans updated should more shows be announced, or some footage surface from any of these upcoming projects. In the meantime, be sure to stick with us for all the latest and greatest news in movies, television, and pop culture.

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