Watch Adventure Time Writers Talk Buffy And Other Story Inspirations In Exclusive Clip

2018 was a sad one for Adventure Time fans, as the insta-classic series had to close out its tenth and final season through vastly spaced-apart episode blocks. Awesomely, though, Cartoon Network has made it so that we never have to wait between episodes again, thanks to the April 30 release of Adventure Time: The Complete Collection on DVD. The fully stocked set has everything that fans could want, complete with new features exclusive to the compilation release.

Below, you can watch an exclusive clip from the "Farewell Tour" feature, in which writers and animators such as Rebecca Sugar and Julia Potts talk about their storytelling references and inspirations, complete with a Buffy the Vampire Slayer shout out.

If you're like me, that clip serves as a pretty decent justification for blowing off the rest of the afternoon in order to rewatch a season or two. But then if you're like me, you probably can't afford to make that choice, so it's a matter of calling for the Ice King to come round and cause havoc at everyone's day jobs to allow the binge-watching to go uninterrupted.

Seriously, though, the clip above offers some fun insight into how Adventure Time's creative team landed on some of the themes and concepts for certain episodes and moments during the series' eight-year run. I think we can all agree that BMO is just a few blonde hairs short of being a shoo-in for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot that may or may not still be happening.

It also sounds like some of the more memorable Adventure Time episodes were conceived by the writers in the same way that fans think about the show: "I wonder what it'd be like if LSP and Marceline hung out for an afternoon." I mean, when you have characters like this that have seemingly unlimited narrative scopes and personality quirks, the combinations can be endlessly fun to ponder. Plus, just add Andy Daly's King of Ooo to the mix, and it's can't-miss fun.

One Adventure Time moment that might not have seemed ripped from real life – or did it? – would be the Ice King looking for his banana phone and then finding it in a pair of pants. You know, the pants that we always see the Ice King wearing. That minutiae-infused gag came from Kent Osborne's life.

Adventure Time fans can find a lot more than just the above clip (and a banana phone) among the many features on the upcoming The Complete Collection, which hits stores on Tuesday, April 30. The 22-disc set compiles all 238 episodes from the ten-season run within a splendid Enchiridion-inspired storybook package. and each season's discs contain all the previously released special features. That includes commentaries with creator Pendleton Ward, the cast and the crew, as well as featurettes, music videos, deleted scenes and other Ooodds and ends.

Also included is an extra disc full of content that's mostly exclusive to the Adventure Time: The Complete Collection box set. Some previously released features are on there, but the majority are new for all fans.

The crown jewel of the bunch is the "Farewell Tour" feature that includes the clip seen above. This is a retrospective look back at the show that features talking-head bits from so many of the talented people who worked on Adventure Time, most of whom then subsequently went on to other excellent Cartoon Network shows.

The disc also includes a featurette focusing solely on the show's composers and the unforgettable music that Adventure Time fans have gotten quite obsessed with over the years, and it's suitably called "Sonic Sounds from Ooo." On the music front, there are also several music videos for fans to dive into, including videos made for the show's popular songs, as well as live performances the cast put on at San Diego Comic-Con.

And if all that wasn't enough, Adventure Time is getting a massive soundtrack boasting more than 230 songs, including...every song you can think of, probably. The more streamlined version of the soundtrack can be purchased and streamed on all the major platforms on Wednesday, May 1.

For those wanting something a bit more intense, however, Mondo is putting out a fancy AF version of the soundtrack that will contain 4 vinyls, a CD, and a cassette. That set's exclusives include 17 extended tracks, 5 combined songs, and 21 song demos that can't be found anywhere else.

While the world of Earth my not get to experience any brand new Adventure Time conquests in the future, the Complete Collection DVD box set is the best substitute imaginable. Be sure to pick it up when it goes on sale on Tuesday, April 30.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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