Adventure Time Is Ending, But It's Not All Bad News

adventure time

The fabulously fun Adventure Time has been a highlight of the Cartoon Network roster ever since its premiere back in 2010. The post-apocalyptic sci-fi-tinged fairy tale comedy has built up an impressive following of very loyal fans who have watched Finn the Human come of age with his pal Jake the Dog at his side. Unfortunately for those fans, Adventure Time is officially coming to an end. We shouldn't start cursing the Ice King of yore just yet, however, because Adventure Time still has another whole season to go.

Adventure Time has produced eight seasons so far, and fans have gotten more than 200 episodes of Finn and Jake getting in and out of trouble in the Land of Ooo. Production has already started on Season 9, and there are still some major questions about the mythology of the series that have emerged from the fantastical plots, so hopefully the show will be able to use this ninth season to tie up loose ends. We don't have to worry about the series finale until 2018, according to EW, and the confirmation of an end point now in 2016 could help the team behind the scenes to plan out the perfect way to finish Finn's story.

It's no surprise that Adventure Time has lasted for as long as it has alongside fellow hit (and soon-to-be-ending) Regular Show. The show has won a whole slew of awards, including six Primetime Emmys, and it has spawned a sizable merchandising empire that has had appeal to boys, girls, and adults alike. Cartoon Network has made the most of the show's popularity at events like San Diego Comic-Con, which in the past featured a quest for fans to enjoy during the events of the convention. The characters of Adventure Time have been popular choices for cosplayers at San Diego Comic-Con as well as other fan conventions. There's certainly no shortage of fun characters for fans of both genders, and "Fiona" and "Cake" have become gender-swapped cosplay versions of Finn and Jake.

The series hit a snag during Season 5 when Adventure Time creator and showrunner Pendleton Ward abruptly gave up his position as head honcho. Ward was evidently so worn out by all the demands of production that he didn't feel he could continue running the show. Luckily, he stayed on board in a creative capacity as a writer and storyboard artist. Adventure Time didn't have to change much to facilitate Ward's change in status. It certainly had to help that Ward's replacement was storyboard artist Adam Muto, who already had years of experience with Finn and Jake.

Considering The Simpsons just used Adventure Time's animators to put together the Season 28 premiere's couch gag, perhaps we can hope for another crossover of sorts before the Cartoon Network favorite goes away. Lisa and Marceline would be besties for sure.

All in all, the looming conclusion of Adventure Time won't be good news for the legions of fans, but the knowledge that there's still plenty to go before the series finale in 2018 should make it easier to accept that an end is in sight. Check out our TV premiere schedule to see what you can watch on the other networks this fall.

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