The Exciting Ways NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, And NCIS: New Orleans Are Ending Their 2019 Seasons


Another year of NCIS and its spinoffs NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans is coming to an end, and it looks like each CBS series is set to say goodbye to its 2018-2019 season in an exciting way. Familiar faces will return in some, others will find teams operating internationally. It's the former in the case of NCIS, which will show an old friend return and ask Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to go above and beyond on his behalf.

NCIS Season 16 Finale"Daughters" – Former FBI Agent Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano) pleads with Gibbs to do whatever is necessary to take down drug dealers and suppliers in the area after his daughter, Emily Fornell (Juliette Angelo), is hospitalized from an opiate overdose. Gibbs is haunted by the personal aspects of the case and his history with vigilante justice.

Actor Joe Spano is back on NCIS, and his character Tobias Fornell is asking Gibbs to deal some personal justice on his behalf. Not getting personally involved in a case was one of Gibbs' rules, but he burned that one up in the same episode NCIS revealed Ziva David is alive and operating in the shadows. This might lead to Gibbs doing something crazy, and maybe something Ziva related when it airs Tuesday, May 21 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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Next up is NCIS: Los Angeles, which many may know is having a big JAG reunion (which could be the start of something much bigger). In what's to be a two-part event, the team will join forces with Rabb and Mac in an effort to thwart a potentially devastating terrorist attack.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Finale"The Guardian" – Callen and Sam travel to the USS Allegiance in the Persian Gulf to work with Navy Captain Harmon “Harm” Rabb, Jr. (David James Elliott) when the NCIS team uncovers ISIS sympathizers who are targeting military locations."False Flag" – Callen and Sam work with Navy Captain Harmon “Harm” Rabb, Jr. to locate a group of ISIS sympathizers aboard the USS Allegiance. Also, Hetty enlists her friend, Lieutenant Colonel Sarah “Mac” Mackenzie (Catherine Bell), to help obtain information from a Russian diplomat.

While we don't know for sure, it looks like Mac isn't going to appear in the NCIS: Los Angeles finale until the second half. That means the story of what happened to her and Rabb probably won't be touched on until then, although that's not a for sure thing. Fans will see for sure when things kick off Sunday, May 5 at 10:00 p.m. ET, with the resolution to come May 12.

Last, but certainly not least, NCIS: New Orleans. Though it's only Season 5, the stakes aren't any lower for Pride and his crew. They are taking on a task that puts them at odds with some really evil folks. Like NCIS: Los Angeles, the show has a two-part season finale that teases lots of action and high stakes.

NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Finale"The River Styx, Part 1" – Pride and Lasalle travel to war-torn South Ossetia to locate FBI Special Agent Raymond Isler (Derek Webster), who was kidnapped during a failed mission to apprehend the leader of Apollyon, the underground spy network responsible for murdering Pride’s father"The River Styx, Part II" – After tracking Apollyon, a deadly underground spy network, to war-torn South Ossetia, Pride is separated from the team and faces grave danger. Also, in order to save Pride, the NCIS team must locate a mole who continues to feed information to Apollyon.

The world is finally getting a look at Pride's family, and it very well may get him killed! Of course, the odds of the team leader not making it out of this one feel low, especially now that it's confirmed NCIS: New Orleans will be back for another season. The first part of the season finale kicks off on CBS Tuesday, May 7 at 10:00 p.m. ET, with the conclusion happening May 14.

Stick with CinemaBlend before and after each NCIS series for more updates, and maybe an idea of where each series is headed in its next season.

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