Sounds Like CBS Is Seriously Considering A JAG Revival

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News that JAG star David James Elliott would be returning to the franchise via NCIS: Los Angeles was huge. Then came the announcement that he would later reunite with his co-star Catherine Bell. The two are set to reprise their popular JAG roles -- Elliott as Navy Captain Harmon “Harm” Rabb Jr. and Bell as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah “Mac” Mackenzie.

If that sounds like a setup for a JAG revival, you may be onto something. There is reportedly more to the duo’s two-episode stint on NCIS: Los Angeles than a simple guest stop. CBS may be using the special event as the testing ground for a JAG revival, according to TVLine.

Their guest stint is no been there and done that special event. The two-parter, which will air in May, is reportedly a backdoor pilot. A backdoor pilot is when a spinoff is set up within a “regular” episode of the foundational series. Interestingly, JAG is potentially reviving itself on the spinoff of its spinoff. Don’t you love television?

If this JAG revival happens, it will reportedly star David James Elliott and Catherine Bell. Now it sounds up to how the JAG-centric episodes are received. Fans are already excited to see the JAG stars, now they potentially have even more reason to tune in. Not only will they get to see the characters again, something may be riding on it long-term.

Given how popular revivals are at the moment, JAG returning is a dream well within reach. The show ended its impressive 10-season run in 2005. It premiered in September 1995 and ended up switching networks. While JAG found long-lasting success on CBS, it started on NBC. After initially airing on there, it was cancelled before it found its next and final home on CBS.

If all goes well and JAG gets the revival treatment, it would technically be its second revival. CBS is not wasting any time getting behind the much-anticipated two-part event. A first look at the return of David James Elliott as Harm provided a visual for his upcoming return run.

Harm will make his return to the franchise first. He will appear in the penultimate episode of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10. Mac will make her return in the following installment, which just so happens to be NCIS: LA’s Season 10 finale. What brings them into the fray?

Sam and Callen will reach out to Harm for help when the team uncovers an ISIS sympathizer’s plot to attack American aircraft carriers. Since Harm is the now the Executive Officer of the USS Intrepid, the team will need his assistance. Mac will make her debut in the Season 10 finale when Hetty reaches out to her as well.

Tune in when Harm makes his way to NCIS: Los Angeles in the first half of the two-parter, which airs Sunday, May 12 at 9 p.m. on CBS. Then see Mac make her return in the second half, which airs the following Sunday on May 19 at the same time and place.

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