Watch This Wild Woman Go All Matrix Contortionist On So You Think You Can Dance

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Read at your own risk!

So You Think You Can Dance is one of the most unique talent competitions on television, and one can never know what to expect. Some dancers will deliver stellar performances that show pain-staking technical skill and passion that proves they're worthy of moving ahead in the competition. Other times, a competitor might go out on stage with some shades on and recreate a move from The Matrix (which may be getting a new movie) and bend their body in odd directions.

In case it needs to be said, Maria Babineau was in the latter of those two categories, and took the stage with her best version of Neo's bullet dodge and a lot of other moves that only a trained contortionist should be able to pull off. It wasn't exactly a tear-jerking performance, although one might have shed a tear from laughing at the sheer goofiness of the act.

Unfortunately, So You Think You Can Dance's judges thought Maria Babineau was more of a sideshow act than she was a dancer capable of making a real splash in this competition. She didn't get the go ahead to move on to the dance studio, which means that's the last audiences will be seeing of her this season.

It's kind of unfortunate, given that Maria Babineau is self-taught and could've really benefited from being accepted into the Academy, but there's no denying there were more deserving candidates that night on So You Think You Can Dance. In the meantime, she can continue to hone those robot and contortionist moves, and plot for a comeback should she get a chance to return next season. She's certainly got enough moves to get another shot right now, as evidenced by her performances on YouTube.

While it's understandable So You Think You Can Dance passed on Maria Babineau, one would hope they'll reconsider giving her a spot on the show. If not, though, Babineau could find a home on other talent competitions, and may even get a golden buzzer on a series like America's Got Talent. The judges on So You Think You Can Dance weren't wrong in saying it was more tricks than dancing, but that doesn't mean it's any less entertaining!

And if Maria Babineau has her heart set on a spot on So You Think You Can Dance, it's worth mentioning the program hasn't only let through emotional and technically skilled acts this season. In fact, this episode saw the advancement of Frank "Ghost" Crisp Jr. who went all out with a fake pole dancing routine in the midst of his performance. The judges ate it up, and he moved onto the next phase. Perhaps Babineau's day will come eventually.

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