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Legends Of Tomorrow Is Promoting One Character To Be Season 5's Big Bad

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Legends of Tomorrow’s fifth season return is still a bit into the future. It will not return alongside Arrow this fall, but rather premiere in midseason. Take comfort, though. There is already news on the Season 5 front. The series is getting a big bad, and it will be promoting one already-introduced character to do the dark deeds! Here is what you need to know.

The CW superhero drama has promoted actress Olivia Swann to series regular status for Season 5, per EW. Swann plays Astra Logue on Legends of Tomorrow. The revelation hints at big things to come for the character. As fans will undoubtedly recall, Astra unleashed something entirely ominous on the world in Season 4.

That would be some of the world’s most infamous historical villains. Legends of Tomorrow’s showrunner assured that the plan is to keep Astra’s own villainous streak running to at least Episode 14. Phil Klemmer joked about the series’ penchant for rehabilitative arcs for its villains.

Who knows what could be on the horizon for Astra? She shares an intense history with Constantine. There is a lot to explore with their relationship and what better time than Season 5 to do it? Committing to Astra as the big bad means that huge things are ahead for Legends of Tomorrow and John Constantine.

Considering Olivia Swann’s Season 5 promotion, Legends of Tomorrow should see Constantine and Astra’s dynamic explored even more. Next season will have a lot going on! Series showrunner Phil Klemmer previously told CinemaBlend’s Laura Hurley what to expect in Season 5.

Legends of Tomorrow Astra Logue Olivia Swann The CW

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He teased that the series would continue chronicling the life and times of Constantine, revealing that a new chapter of the character’s backstory would be told. He also shared that Legends of Tomorrow would be spending “a little time” in Hell. How key will Astra be in this next chapter of Constantine's story?

Legends of Tomorrow will be back after a formidable hiatus. There is good news awaiting fans when the long wait has ended. The series will take part in the Arrow-verse’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover. Legends of Tomorrow had to sit out on last year’s “Elseworlds” installment. It will return for a big one. It is set to be the franchise’s biggest crossover in many ways.

Whether or not Superman will be taking part in the crossover was a mystery as of last month. As fans get closer to the crossover, that answer and many more should be in store. If you need to relive last season’s Arrow-verse crossover, you can via Netflix. Of course, the streaming giant’s deal is expiring with The CW. Hence, changes lie ahead.

After this summer’s television premieres, Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 will premiere during January 2020. You can currently stream the series’ first four seasons on Netflix, alongside content set to arrive on the streamer.

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