Watch America's Got Talent Dance Crew Take Act Over The Judges, Win Golden Buzzer

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for America's Got Talent! Read at your own risk.

America's Got Talent has already gathered a bunch of talented acts, and now it's reached the painful stage of trimming down the remaining hopefuls. The pressure was on for each and every competitor or group to not only perform well, but up their game with a second performance that proved they're capable and deserving of moving on to the live rounds.

Some, like the charismatic Gingzilla, failed to impress the second time around, but others such the Indian dance team V. Unbeatable took things to the next level in a major way. V. Unbeatable in particular left little question that they need to advance in this competition. Their first follow-up Season 14 act went over the America's Got Talent judges heads, in a quite literal and very impressive way, and the 29-member crew ended up getting a Golden Buzzer for the performance.

When dance crews start throwing members that high up into the air, a lot of things can go wrong. Thankfully, nothing but awesomeness happened during tonight's America's Got Talent for V. Unbeatable, and the big risk paid off in a major way.

Retired NBA legend Dwayne Wade, who just so happens to be Gabrielle Union's husband, was awestruck by the performance and gave them the Golden Buzzer. He added that the routine got his adrenaline going, and for a guy that's as cool under pressure as D-Wade was on the basketball court, that's saying something.

The Golden Buzzer was an emotional moment for the dance crew, not only because of the work they've put into their routines, but because of who they've lost along the way. The team was originally called Unbeatable, but changed its name to V. Unbeatable in 2014 after losing a team member by the name of Vikas after an accident occurred during a dance routine. That kind of loss likely adds even more pressure and stress to any complicated routines, especially when the cameras are rolling.

Which is why it's a good thing V. Unbeatable hit every move about as perfect as anyone could. The question is, will they be just as perfect in America's Got Talent's live rounds? Can they possibly be able to continually stun and impress viewers and the judges when compared to other evolving acts in the competition?

V. Unbeatable seems to be a cut above the typical dance crew for sure, but in a reality competition where one-person ventriloquist singer acts and contortionists are just as capable of winning out as a group like this, nothing is guaranteed except the need to find new ways to wow everyone.

Some contestants learned that the hard way this episode, which saw the elimination of several acts with serious potential. Among the eliminated was that Shadow Dance Group that seemed like the type of unpredictable act that could really get creative in America's Got Talent's latter rounds, had it not been cut from the competition. Unfortunately, the nature of the judging (and perhaps unfair clip shows) guarantees a deserving act will get the ax again, and hopefully, it won't be V. Unbeatable.

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