Big Brother Spoilers: Would Holly Be Better Off With Jackson Or Nicole In Final 2?

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Warning! Spoilers ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

We've reached the final stages of Big Brother and now that the first 2 competitions are done, we now know that Jackson Michie and Holly Allen will be battling it out for Final HoH. With the showmance currently agreeing to duke it out for the title, there is a question of what will be best for Holly's game should she get the choice to choose between Jackson and Nicole Anthony.

At this time, I would wager most Big Brother fans assume she'll be taking Jackson. The two can talk all day about not having a relationship outside of the show, but whether or not that's game talk or them both protecting their feelings isn't entirely clear. One thing that is clear is that if Holly wants a future with Jackson, picking Nicole in the final 2 for Big Brother may completely torch that future.

From a game perspective, Holly taking Jackson could hurt her chances of winning the $500,000. As bitter as the jury may be, it's hard to really fault Michie for his deceptive gameplay late in the game when Holly was right next to him reaping the benefits. Basically, the sins of Michie could possibly be viewed as the sins of Holly to the jury, which then makes the decider who did more. Holly hasn't been useless in Big Brother, but she's no "comp beast" like Michie.

If we're talking who played the better game between the three, Holly would have an easier time arguing she did more compared to Nicole. Holly never saw the block until the last two evictions, and her crucial HoH win when she and Jackson were enemy number one in the house speaks for itself. Nicole has played a better game in the late stages, but ultimately went with the majority every time she was the decision maker in a crucial eviction.

At least, that's one way of looking at things. In Big Brother's brief look at the Jury House last week, a good deal of the house complimented Nicole's gameplay. In their eyes, Nicole seemed to be the decision maker of the house and had secretly controlled the house even when she wasn't the HoH. If that's truly what they believe, then Nicole may crush Holly if the two of them go neck and neck.

The good news for Holly is that she seems to have a Final 2 appearance either way. Jackson has indicated multiple times he's taking Holly to the finale, even if he does seem to be close with Nicole. Sure he's buddying up with Nicole pretty hard these past couple days, but I'm inclined to believe that's some jury management he's realizing all too late he should've been better at.

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