Big Brother Spoilers: Poor Cliff Thinks Jackson Will Keep His Word

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother 21. Read at your own risk!

The veto competition has come and gone and despite the fact that Jackson Michie nabbed the big power, Cliff Hogg III is feeling pretty good. The HouseGuest, who is all but assured to exit in Big Brother 21's upcoming eviction, is pretty chipper after he and Nicole Anthony were unable to win the comp and ensure nominations stay the same. So why is he so happy? Well, as live feeders have noticed, he doesn't think he's going to jury.

Instead, Cliff believes he is protected by an agreement he had with Jackson when he agreed to help sway Nicole into voting out Tommy Bracco. Per the agreement, Jackson assured Cliff he would make the final 3, and poor Cliff is still thinking Jackson is going to honor his word as they head into the week.

As that conversation was happening, Jackson was practically doing cartwheels in the other room and told showmance partner Holly Allen that they are going to finale night. For that to happen, Jackson will have to take either one of them off the block, and then either he or Holly will vote Cliff out of the house.

Big Brother fans already knew Jackson couldn't be trusted at his word, especially after all the drama that unfolded with Tommy. Jackson was seeing red that Nicole and Cliff would even consider taking out Holly, and even if Nicole and Cliff upheld the alliance, any deals they made were dead to him. Meanwhile Cliff is sitting by unaware, and thinking odds are better than not that he's in the final 3.

Cliff, baby, what are you thinking? Sure Holly and Jackson have had their troubles, but does that really mean he's going to just up and evict her to keep his word to Cliff? With Holly in the game, they'll go into the final 3 with a guarantee that one of them will make it to the final 2, if not both. If both get in, then there's a sure fire shot they win that money.

The only possibility I could see in which Cliff gets his wish is that if Jackson and Holly think eliminating her will give Jackson better odds of winning over a jury. Nicole is one of the most loved people in the house, and has a lot of jury members who would throw her a vote over Michie. With that said, putting Cliff in the mix could split her votes, but would keep Michie's speculated supporters rock solid. As Jackson says, it's all about chess and not checkers.

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