Big Brother Spoilers: Is Nicole A Lock To Win America's Favorite Houseguest?

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SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

In Big Brother's voice: It's time for America's vote! Big Brother 21 viewers have no say in who wins the $500,000 -- although many are saying Anyone But Jackson Michie -- but we all have a say in who wins America's Favorite Houseguest 2019. I haven't seen anyone in a long time as popular with both casuals and live feeders as Nicole Anthony. She's quirky, funny, sweet, sassy, kind, loyal, an underdog, and getting a very likable sympathetic edit. (Not that Holly Allen would agree last week.)

Does Nicole have AFP on lock?

Well, maybe. But she's not the only contender in the Big Brother AFP running. Other top names circulating out there seem to be Tommy Bracco, Cliff Hogg III (yes, still, somehow), Sam Smith, Kathryn Dunn, and Kemi Fakunle.

Kemi has a strong online following, but she's been off TV for a long time and you need the TV-only casuals involved if you want to win AFP. Casuals seem more inclined toward Tommy, who was screwed over by Jackson's lie. Many fans wanted Cliff and Nicole to keep Tommy over Holly to break up the Jackson/Holly showmance. Since Cliff was instrumental in keeping Holly -- and then got played the next week -- Cliff might've lost his best shot at America's Favorite. When you look that foolish on TV, it's a bad sign for your chances.

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Big Brother Network noted that its polls have been nailing the AFP choices in the past few years -- with fans recently picking Tyler Crispen, Cody Nickson, and Victor Arroyo. As of Friday, September 20, Nicole was leading their poll with 34%, followed by Tommy with 21%, then Cliff with 15%, and Jackson with 6% (yes, he has some fans), Kemi with 5.6%, Kat with 5.3%, and Sam with 4.5%. It's close to nothing from there down, with poor Bella Wang ranking last. (Man, she really lost this season on every front.)

You can theoretically win Big Brother and also win America's Favorite Houseguest, but it has yet to happen. Before Tyler, Cody, and Victor, AFP winners included James Huling, Donny Thompson, Elissa Slater, Frank Eudy, Britney Haynes, Jeff Schroeder, Keesha Smith, and James Zinkand.

Each AFP winner gets $25,000. That's certainly less than the $500,000 grand prize and $50,000 for second place, but's more than the $10,000 Jackson already won in the luxury comp.

At this point, Nicole, Holly, and Jackson are all still in the running to win Big Brother 2019. Jackson won Final HOH Part 1, but Nicole and Holly will compete in Part 2 on Saturday (we think) -- and, historically, the Part 2 winner often goes on to win the whole season. Whoever wins Part 2 will face Jackson in Part 3 on the live Wednesday, September 25 finale.

If Nicole ends up winning the full $500K, do you think she could also be AFP, if she had the most votes, or would they give the $25,000 to the next person in line? CBS's terms and conditions mention "the eligible Houseguest who receives the most votes..." without getting specific on who is (or is not) eligible. At the very least, if Nicole does not win it all, she should get the $25,000.

Make your official America's Favorite Houseguest votes here on CBS's site. But also please vote in our poll below to share your preference. Big Brother 2019 has been pretty rough, but it's now winding down, with the final episodes airing this Sunday, September 22 and Wednesday, September 25 on CBS.

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