Big Brother Fans Are Furious After Live Feeds Cut Huge Houseguest Blowout

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Spoilers ahead for the September 12 episode of Big Brother on CBS.

The days left for the Houseguests in the Big Brother house in Season 21 are numbered, and tensions were higher than ever for the final five folks still left in the game. By the time the September 12 episode hit the airwaves on CBS, it was down to Nicole Anthony, Cliff Hogg III, Tommy Bracco, Jackson Michie, and Holly Allen. Nicole and Cliff had all the power, and either Tommy or Holly was going home.

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Jackson was ready to fight dirty to keep showmance partner Holly in the mix, and he certainly did by eavesdropping on a conversation between Tommy and Cliff and Nicole, then using that info to brazenly lie and fight to get Tommy booted. This, shortly after Tommy got emotional sharing a memory! That, however, isn't only what has fans furious. The live feeds went down earlier in the day.

But first, let's jump into what happened that nobody got to see. For his part, Tommy of course denied what Jackson was saying, and all signs point toward a huge blowout among the final five. The episode showed a few moments of the fight, which had Jackson looking troublingly believable in leveling accusations at Tommy and Tommy breaking down in tears in response to Jackson's lies.

Jackson and his lies ultimately triumphed, and Tommy was voted out by Cliff and Nicole over Holly. The final four is now Jackson, Holly, Cliff, and Nicole with Tommy joining pal Christie and the rest of the eliminated Houseguests in the Jury House. Unfortunately, fans are furious about how the blowout was handled, because the live feeds of the Big Brother house that are supposed to show everything at all times went out for hours ahead of the episode, when the confrontation was happening.

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Basically, many fans who pay for access were deprived of the kind of juicy interactions that are pretty much why they bother watching the live feeds, only for a brief moment of the blowout to air in the episode. More of the footage will likely hit the airwaves during the Sunday episode, but that doesn't change the fact that the live feeds were taken down during the confrontation, and fans still haven't gotten to see what happened in full.

Naturally, a bunch of those fans took to social media to vent their feelings about being deprived of what happened on the live feeds, and they didn't mince words:

One user was dropping F-bombs all over the place, in case the all-caps typing left any doubt that they were furious about the live feeds going down. Based on the "FUCK THIS ENTIRE SEASON," this person hasn't been happy about a lot in Season 21.

Another user raised the valid point that people who pay for the live feeds via CBS All Access really deserve... well, all access to the feeds. It's hard to argue against that logic!

This user went a bit further and declared (also in caps) that it might be time to cancel their CBS All Access subscription if the live feeds weren't going to show "the best parts." They certainly aren't getting what they paid for, if they were looking to see the juiciest of the conflicts!

Yet another user was hyped by the tiny bit of the fight that was shown in the episode as a tease for what will air on Sunday, but pointed out that it was unfair to Tommy that Jackson brazenly lying wasn't available for viewers via live feed.

These are only some of the furious tweets from fans who missed out on the blowout when it happened live. The folks at CBS All Access aren't unaware about the complaints, as the official CBS All Access Twitter account responded to one of the complaints:

Something tells me that message isn't going to be enough to calm the many angry Big Brother live feeds fans who missed out on one of the biggest events of Season 21 because CBS All Access took down the feed. We can only hope that the footage that airs on Sunday is so epic that it makes the downed live feed at least somewhat worth the frustration.

The live feeds carry more or less live on CBS All Access, if you want to check them out. If you only watch the TV broadcasts, you can find new episodes on Wednesdays and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET as well as Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET. Plenty of other TV goodness is coming in the not-too-distant future, and you can find your options on our 2019 fall TV lineup.

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