Big Brother Spoilers: Will Nicole Be Nick's Savior Ahead Of Elminations?

Nicole Anthony Big Brother

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds. Read at your own risk!

After Jackson Michie chose to keep the nominations the same and not use the power of veto, it wasn't looking good for Nick Maccarone. The damage from Taco Tuesday combined with the fact America's Prankster is one of the few remaining athletic threats in competition led Holly Allen and Jackson to keep him on the block, and hope that he is taken out of the game on Thursday. Nearly every HouseGuest seems fine with voting for that to happen, save one Nicole Anthony.

Nick may not be the best boyfriend to Bella, but he's been a real pal to Nicole throughout Season 21 of Big Brother. That's probably why Nicole is campaigning hard for her friend and ally, and is attempting to swing the two other votes she'd need to save Nick and vote out Christie Murphy. The news came from Holly, who told Jackson she's a bit nervous and thinks Nicole could swing the house if she hit the right people.

Despite Holly's thoughts, Nicole's play may be what sways Cliff to begin with. If the duo were to align with Nick and Tommy, that's an alliance that doesn't include the showmance Jackson and Holly, who have had control of the HoH for the past two weeks. Voting against Holly's wishes and gaining numbers to vote out either of the two would be best for everyone in the house right now, even if Nick is still a competitive threat.

Plus, let's not forget that Christie is about the most disloyal alliance member in Big Brother Season 21. Keeping her in the house is only beneficial if the HoH has leverage over her, and even then it's mainly if she's used as a pawn. Christie has no loyalty to her current alliance, and even recently told Tommy she fully intends to put both Jackson and Holly on the block when she gets the chance.

Nicole hasn't been known for much in Big Brother Season 21 besides being a fan favorite and having a great social game, but this could be the move that changes that. In saving Nick she would eliminate power player Christie, which would in turn weaken Tommy and create an alliance that gives them better odds than not of getting the HoH and putting Jackson and Holly on the block. It's a great move for Nicole, provided she can convince two others in the house to flip and go against Holly's wishes.

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