Big Brother Spoilers: Did The Season 21 Winner Realize Their Mistakes Too Late?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother 21. Read at your own risk!

After a grueling summer of competition and the usual dose of controversy, Big Brother finally reached the night when it decided the Season 21 winner. Of course, it was the reality many fans feared, but largely expected ever since Tommy Bracco was eliminated over Holly Allen. Jackson Michie did what he does and ended up winning comps until he took the final HoH and took Holly with him to the Final 2. Oh well, at least Nicole Anthony got that thunderous standing ovation (and America's Favorite HouseGuest)!

There was an air of tension throughout the whole night. Ahead of the reveal of the Season 21 winner, Julie Chen asked some tough questions. Chen swung for the fences, and brought up fans' complaints of racism throughout the season, which included Jackson in a couple of instances. After talking to evicted HouseGuests about their actions, Julie then turned to Jackson and asked him what he had to say to Kemi and whether his Camp Director decision in the first episode was racially motivated.

It was a blindside that, for once, Jackson didn't see coming. The Big Brother HouseGuest looked blown away by the question, and for the first time that night, he fumbled with his words. After the commercial break he was announced as the Season 21 winner, but there was no smile on his face. Jackson's confetti walk was somber, and it took another commercial break for a smile to appear on his face. Was it just nerves?

Possibly, although Jackson's first quote as winner seemed to indicate he realized he may have made a mistake or two in the Big Brother house, and America saw it all. When asked about what winning meant to him Jackson gave a very odd response.

I did it for my family. I did it for my mom, I did it for my dad. At the end of the day what matters more to me than a half a million dollars is that they’re proud of me and I just hope that everything is alright.

It was the same practiced quote he's been giving in the Diary Room and throughout the house the past couple of weeks. Perhaps Jackson was thinking about the things he'd done in the house long before the moment of truth, and being called out by Julie Chen was the nightmare he was hoping would never manifest?

Jackson fielded a question about his future with Holly, and when he got the all clear, made a bee-line for his parents to get that hug he's been wanting for some time now. As the final credits rolled on Big Brother 21, Jackson was seen asking his parents something, though there was no mic on him to make it out what was said. Just going off context, I would think he was asking about if they knew of the incident he was asked about, and if they were proud of him.

Meanwhile, Big Brother 21 wrapped by addressing the issue of racism, but without giving fans or its former HouseGuests closure. It's a stretch to say Kemi Fakunle was given an apology by anyone but Jack Matthews, and Julie Chen had to move on before Kemi could really speak any peace on the situation. It will be very interesting to see if the HouseGuests have any more to say when they watch the episodes, and whether more will comment on some of the unsavory things they did. Here's hoping Season 22 does not suffer the same issues.

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