Big Brother Spoilers: Why Fans Aren't Happy About Jackson's Banishments

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother. Read at your own risk!

There was a tense moment in the second part of the Big Brother Season 21 premiere, as newly crowned Camp Director Jackson Michie was faced with a difficult decision. Just moments after he got the title, the wonderful Julie Chen informed the group that Michie then had to select four players for immediate banishment. Now that the episode's over, there's a fair few in the Big Brother online community that didn't like his picks for some rather problematic reasons.

Jackson Michie knew it was a tough spot to be in, as out of the four people he'd banish, three would return upset and be gunning for him when they returned. After some deliberation, he decided to pick Jessica Milagros, David Alexander, Cliff Hogg III, and Kemi Faknule. As clearly not entirely fake spoilers had correctly predicted, Alexander was the one who ended up losing the competition, but that wasn't what Big Brother fans were buzzing about on social media.

Instead, more than a few were curious and somewhat upset that out of all the people available in the house, he chose the show's only African Americans, the eldest member of the cast, and a Latina plus size model. It may have been coincidence he chose key house minorities, but some Big Brother viewers aren't as convinced.

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As for Jackson Michie's side of the story, he had different motives. Per the Big Brother episode, his choosing of Jessica Milagros, Cliff Hogg III, and David Alexander seemed rooted in the fact they all nominated themselves to be Camp Director. Additionally, Michie told Alexander directly he would be putting him in the running and justified it as making him a "pawn" that he was sure would be one of the three to return. Poor David.

Kemi Faknule did not attempt to nominate herself for Camp Director, but Jackson Michie had an excuse for why she went in as well. In his words, she didn't take time to make a case against her banishment, so he felt fine with putting her in there as well. Beyond the many tweets that Jackson had an ulterior motive for banishment, there were plenty of tweets showing respect for Faknule's continued shun of Jackson upon her return from the banishment.

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For what it's worth, none of the three that returned from banishment are a part of Jackson Michie's secret six person alliance that he formed afterward. Despite that, Michie welcomed back the three contestants he banished all the same, and was heard apologizing to Jessica Milagros upon her return. It's shady, but as Michie himself said in a conversation with his "bro" (and Jason Momoa lookalike) Jack Matthews, he's in this thing to win.

Can Jackson Michie keep command of the Big Brother house like he's done in the first two episodes? It's a question some are wondering as viewers continue to question the motive behind his banishments, and how serious he is about doing whatever he must to win that prize money. Some already likened him before this to another reality star The Bachelorette fans know too well, and trust us, being the "Luke P." of the show is not a good look.

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Being likened to Luke P. isn't the most flattering reality show comparison, but it seems Jackson Michie wouldn't mind. That should be a red flag to anyone who's in an alliance with him at the moment, except maybe Jack Matthews. If we're making bold predictions, I'm thinking this Big Brother season either ends with Michie betraying Matthews, or Matthews being the kryptonite betrayal Michie doesn't see coming.

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Jackson still has an advantage with one of his alliance members Christie Murphy as the first Head of House, but will she stick with him? We'll have to wait and see as Big Brother continues on CBS Sunday at 8:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CInemaBlend in the meantime for more on the competition, and the latest news in television and movies.

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