Mayans M.C. Star Is As Suspicious As We Are About That Season 2 Finale Reveal

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Spoilers below for the Season 2 finale of Mayans M.C., so be sure to watch before reading on.

Without a doubt, the most celebratory moment within the Mayans M.C. season finale was E.Z.'s acceptance as a full patch member of the Mayans club, but watching the Reyes brothers put Ray McKinnon's Lincoln Potter in his place was also pretty magical. However, Potter had a wildcard to pull in the form of Adelita's newborn baby, which audiences were driven to believe is Angel's biological offspring. But is it?

In the episode's final moments, just before that mystery Sons of Anarchy death reveal, Potter called Angel with an antagonizing mini-threat, telling the M.C. member that "his" baby was born. Considering Potter has his own love child out there in the world, the government agent's purpose was to make Angel feel as bad as he does about not having ready access to a child's love. But warning bells likely rang loudly for some viewers, considering the episode never truly confirmed that Angel was the father of Adelita's baby.

Guess what? Star Clayton Cardenas, who portrays the elder Reyes sibling, also isn't wholly convinced by what the Season 2 finale laid out there for fans. Here's how he put it:

Is he though? I wouldn’t put it past Potter to mess with him. However they decide to write it moving forward, there’s so much room to go either way. You have to think about how Angel will be able to balance his life in the M.C. if he has a baby now? What kind of life will he be able to give to Adelita and the baby? I don’t know how that all would work? There’s really so many things to consider. I’m really excited to see where the writers take it. We’ve set this up to be an amazing story line and I can definitely see a full season being about Angel trying to get Adelita and the baby back. Hopefully, he will have the confidence to do so with his brother next to him — and with that, hopefully the backing of the M.C.

After Adelita gave birth in the finale, it was clear that Potter had some ideas in his head about how that child could be used to further his own ends. But it was extremely curious when Potter's partner revealed that she had DNA results, yet never clued audiences in on what those results were. And it wasn't exactly clear from Potter's face what the news was, either.

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Beyond Angel, the biggest candidate would be Miguel Galindo, who hasn't outwardly seemed like the kind of person who would cheat on his wife Emily – especially while in the midst of a trust war with her – but his efforts to keep Adelita safe are definitely more than just empathy in action. Plus, the storyline about Dita and Felipe already set the seeds for infidelity to be in the family's DNA.

If that baby would have a mustache already, determining the father would depend on how thick the mustache was. Thinner = Miguel. Thicker = Angel. Twirled up at the ends = Gomez Addams.

I'm almost surprised that Potter didn't also try and come after Miguel using Adelita's baby as leverage, but I guess he had his hands full with E.Z. and Angel's threats. Those wounds were probably still too fresh for him to think about how to keep his influence stretched out over everyone he's going after. But once he feels like he's fully got the upper hand again, we can probably expect to see Potter's frustrated efforts continuing in Season 3.

Speaking of, the baby daddy mystery sets up some interesting angles for where Season 3 could start up, and it sounds like Clayton Cardenas wants Mayans M.C. to reveal that Angel is the father. It would certainly shake things up for the Reyes family, who'd just gone through some serious trauma confrontation in figuring out how matriarch Marisol was murdered. (I suppose "strangling the vindictive motherfucker who hired the hitman" counts as something more than trauma confrontation.)

That mystery will likely stay unanswered throughout the entirety of Mayans M.C.'s between-seasons hiatus, as well that other mega-mystery: which Sons of Anarchy member got killed in the ambush at Palo's? As it turns out, not even Clayton Cardenas himself is fully aware. Here's how he explained it to EW:

We shot that scene a few different ways: one showed who the person is that dies and one that doesn’t. I honestly don’t know what to tell you. . . . I can’t remember what Elgin [James], who directed, what his intention was for that dead person to be. It could be Happy or it could be Chibs, I don’t really know.

Just in case anyone thought that hounding the Mayans M.C. stars might help shed some light on the Season 2 finale SAMCRO death, co-creator Elgin James apparently set things up so that no one would be fully aware of who it is. Possibly a smart move, since there are likely going to be millions of fans who get pissed off over Mayans M.C. killing any of the flagship series' characters. Even the ones who might arguably deserve it in the Mayans universe, like Happy.

But for real, if Tommy Flanagan's Chibs is the one lying dead on that floor, it will be a strange move on the creative team's part, considering the character only just made his first franchise return since Sons of Anarchy ended. Though I guess it making it Chibs would be more ideal than making it a beloved character that didn't get to fully come back yet, such as Kim Coates' Tig. I really just hope it's someone we never met before.

Whose baby is it, everybody? And which SAMCRO member got killed? Answer our poll and hit up our comments with your answers. Even though Mayans M.C. has wrapped things up for Season 2, FX has already sated worries by giving the biker drama a Season 3 renewal, even though co-creator Kurt Sutter won't be back for it. Even though Sutter was already stepping down from the showrunning position for Season 3, he was recently fired by FX for unconfirmed reasons. (Though Sutter says it's because of a harsh Disney joke he wanted to use.)

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