Mayans M.C. Renewed For Season 3 At FX After Major Death

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Mayans M.C. raised the stakes for the second season by dealing out a game-changing death in the penultimate episode, and fans had every reason to expect an intense finale that could definitely end on a cliffhanger. Well, now there's no need to fear that Mayans won't have the chance to pay off on the ending of Season 2. FX has officially renewed Mayans M.C. for a third season. Riz may not be back, but the aftershocks of how he died could well be felt into Season 3!

Although it's early to be thinking about what the beginning of Season 3 will bring, FX has already released some details to keep fans engaged during the post-Season 2 hiatus. Mayans M.C. will return to the airwaves after the Season 2 finale on November 5 with Season 3 in fall of 2020. Stepping into Kurt Sutter's shoes as showrunner, which was a necessity after Sutter was fired back in October, will be Mayans M.C. co-creator and executive producer Elgin James.

There is no news at this point of the episode count for Mayans M.C. Season 3, but if it follows the pattern set by the first two seasons, then it will likely run for ten episodes. All things considered, the renewal for Season 3 is far from a surprise, and not just because its continuation means the ongoing possibility of characters from the parents series returning to the in-show universe.

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The first season of Mayans M.C. was the most-watched new series of 2018 for the 18-49 demographic on cable TV, which is no mean feat. The show continued to do well into its second season, and it ranks as #6 in the 18-49 demo when it comes to cable scripted series in 2019. While that doesn't sound quite as good as its ranking from 2018, it's worth noting that a whopping 172 cable scripted series were in the running for 2019. #6 is pretty great!

Additionally, Mayans is in the top 10 in all other key demographics in Live+7 day calculations. When accounting for viewers from linear and non-linear platforms, Mayans M.C. averages 4.6 million viewers per episodes. The violence, rough language, and deaths may not be for everybody, but Mayans M.C. is a big enough hit with enough people that it would have been shocking if FX didn't order a third season.

The very good news for fans who watch new episodes of Mayans M.C. live is that the renewal news comes shortly before the Season 3 finale is set to air. That episode is tasked with revealing the aftermath of Riz's death, as everybody except his friend (who killed him) thinks he died as a result of the surprise attack, and all signs pointed toward a bloody quest for vengeance in the final episode of the second season.

There's still plenty to worry about with regard to the episode, but whether or not the season finale will double as the series finale isn't one of those things! The final episode of Mayans M.C. Season 2 airs Tuesday, November 5 at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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