Wow, USA's Bourne Spinoff Treadstone Is Pulling In Massive DVR Ratings

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Wow, USA’s Bourne spinoff Treadstone is pulling in massive DVR ratings! The new series is a prequel to the events of the popular Bourne film franchise, which starred Matt Damon in the title role. Jeremy Irvine leads the television series as John Randolph Bentley, an agent in the fictional CIA black ops program Operation Treadstone. Hence, the title.

When Treadstone debuted, the action-packed series got off to a modest start in the ratings. That was before DVR numbers revealed that Treadstone was blowing the doors off with delayed viewing. The show premiered to over half a million viewers, initially pulling in 647,000 pairs of eyeballs, per THR. Things started to take a dive with Episode 2, which got seen by 536,000 viewers.

Now comes the news that Treadstone definitely needed! It tripled its initial viewership! Seven-day delayed viewing brought the series premiere up to an impressive 1.84 million viewers. The good news continued for the second episode, which saw even more gains. It garnered 1.97 million viewers for another increase which amounts to a bit more than triple the initial ratings for the premiere.

Three seems to be the magic number for Treadstone. Or at least, it likes tripling upon its performance in the ratings. The much-desired 18-49 demo also saw triple the increase from 0.14 to a 0.45 rating. Jason Bourne would not fight those numbers! They are out of sight!

USA could definitely use another hit show right now. It recently had to cancel its much-anticipated Suits spinoff, Pearson. A move that has put the future of the Suits universe in question. The original series wrapped its run, without Meghan Markle, not too long ago. Treadstone is continuing in the aftermath of Suits’ run, and it could become a breakout hit.

The future of the Bourne film franchise is on shaky ground, as fans wonder if it can successfully continue without its original star, Matt Damon. The TV show is giving the movie’s universe a chance to test that out. Treadstone received a series order last year and has, clearly, already connected with people.

Not too long ago, it was announced that another Bourne movie was in the works. For film fans wondering if the TV show is necessary viewing, the answer may be surprising, because the upcoming movie installment has been confirmed to tie into Treadstone. If that is not an incentive to check out the show, I do not know what it is.

Jeremy Irvine went through a lot to prepare for his role as Treadstone’s John Randolph Bentley. The actor revealed that he endured some terrible SAS interrogations without knowing if he had been cast. It was intense, and now USA knows triple the initial audience is tuning in to watch his prep work in action!

New episodes of Treadstone air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA. The Bourne TV spinoff is part of this fall’s premieres.

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