New Game Of Thrones Deleted Scene Clears Up Nagging Question About Character's Fate

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Game of Thrones: Season 8 is now out on Blu-ray and DVD, and the extras are providing intriguing information beyond what was shown in the episodes. One deleted scene has cleared up the fate of a particular character following the Battle of Winterfell from the episode entitled “The Long Night.” A lot of characters survived overwhelming odds in the ep, while others were not as lucky. If you thought you missed something about Alys Karstark' fate due to the overwhelming darkness, think again.

The inability to see what was happening had nothing to do with everyone missing out on the final fate of Game of Thrones' Alys Karstark. The most informative scene got deleted altogether. What became of her in Season 8’s big Game of Thrones battle?

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Thanks to a newly released deleted scene (via IGN), Game of Thrones fans know what happened to Alys Karstark in Season 8. After staying by a doomed Theon Greyjoy and future-King Bran Stark, Alys ventured into the woods beyond the Weirwood tree. Though what happened to her and her soldiers next inevitably occurred off-screen, the cries that rang out undeniably implied one conclusion: Alys was killed by the wights.

It was not quite the same kind of on-screen death scene that another character got, but this deleted scene from Game of Thrones Season 8 drives the point home that Alys Karstark was indeed killed. The Night King ended up finally getting dealt with, but not before wreaking a ton of carnage that claimed many lives. You can now add Alys Karstark to the battle’s list of casualties.

For some background info, Alys’ father fought for House Bolton and died during the epic “Battle of the Bastards.” Thus, a debate was struck between Sansa Stark and Jon Snow concerning whether Alys Karstark should keep Karhold, the ancestral seat she inherited. Following House Bolton’s defeat, then-King in the North, Jon Snow, allowed Alys to keep Karhold after she pledged her fealty to him and House Stark.

Unlike many others, who got a funeral pyre, Alys Karstark did not get any kind of spotlight. That said, Jon Snow’s rousing speech commemorating the dead in the following episode clearly extended to her as well. This scene also explains why Alys was not present during Sansa Stark’s coronation as Queen in the North.

The Game of Thrones scene involving Alys Karstark’s fate was not the only one deleted from the Battle of Winterfell. It was recently revealed that one of Tyrion and Sansa killing wights down in the crypts also got discarded. Yes, they did more than sit tight. Another question (like what Drogon did with Daenerys’ body) has also been resolved. Thank you, Season 8 DVD and Blu-ray!

Game of Thrones Season 8 is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. Not too long after the final season aired, it was released on digital. If you are looking for another show to warm up with, you can check this winter’s premieres

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