Game Of Thrones Finale: Are You Happy With Who Ended Up Ruling?

After eight seasons of arguing about who would end up on the Iron Throne, Game Of Thrones finally came to an end tonight... without an Iron Throne. Thanks to Drogon's righteous anger after Daenerys' murder, the Throne itself collapsed in a pile of ashes, but that doesn't mean the show didn't give us a new ruler to preside over most of the Seven Kingdoms. Let's discuss WITH SPOILERS...

So, a short recap of where we ended up: After Jon murdered Daenerys in retaliation for burning down the city, he was arrested along with Tyrion. In a scene that happened off-camera, Sansa showed up with an army of Northmen. The leaders of the other major houses, including Robin Arryn and Edmure Tully, showed up in Kings Landing to decide their fates. Tyrion gave an impassioned speech, arguing that Bran should be King. Everyone accepted the decision, except Sansa who said the North was going to remain its own independent kingdom, which everyone accepted.

So, the question is, where do you stand? Did you like what happened? Are you happy with Bran as the ruler of the Six Kingdoms and Sansa as the ruler of an Independent North? Let us know by voting in the poll below or sounding off in the comments...

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