Doctor Who's First Black Doctor Is Dope, But Where Did She Come From?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from Doctor Who's "Fugitive Of The Judoon." Read at your own risk!

Doctor Who teased the return of the Judoon at the start of Season 12, but upon their debut the rhyming police force was just about the least interesting reveal of the episode. Captain Jack made a triumphant comeback for the first time in a long time, and the BBC America series allegedly revealed its black incarnation of The Doctor played by actress Jo Martin.

Jo Martin's Doctor arrived, looked dope, and was quickly on her way at the episode's end, but the mystery surrounding her character remains. Is she a past incarnation of The Doctor that predates Jodie Whittaker's version, or is she a future incarnation that will take up the mantle down the stretch? Let's work through some of the details of the episode.

Doctor Who Jo Martin BBC America

The New Doctor Is Probably From The Future

Jo Martin's Doctor claims Jodie Whittaker's Doctor is from her future, while Whittaker's Doctor argues the opposite. Doctor Who fans may be more inclined to side with Whittaker, as Martin's Doctor has not appeared in Doctor Who to this point. The previous 13 Doctors (counting the War Doctor) are all accounted for, so where exactly would Martin's Doctor fit in if she's from the past?

Either the "new' Doctor truly doesn't remember Whittaker or past incarnations, or she's lying. Lying isn't a thing the Doctor takes lightly, though perhaps Whittaker knowing too much about this new Doctor would alter the timeline, or would reveal something she wouldn't approve of...possibly like this Doctor working for or with The Master

Plus, it's hard not to link Jo Martin's Doctor to another Doctor from years back, David Tennant. Both Tennant and Martin's Doctors utilized the Chameleon Arch to change their biology and memories. One could make the argument Tennant's Doctor (who is one of the franchise's most beloved actors to play the character) was inspired by Martin's, though with all prior incarnations of the character accounted for, I'm inclined to believe Martin's Doctor remembered that trick and used it yet again. If she is from the future, she'll come clean about the deception when the time is right I'm guessing.

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Could The Doctor Be From The Past Or Somewhere Else?

It's hard to ever say anything with certainty in Doctor Who. The series has consistently made the impossible within its universe possible in the past, so perhaps Chris Chibnall has found a way to make Jo Martin's Doctor from long ago. If that's the case then surely an explanation will come in future episodes.

Another possibility is a parallel universe, which occasionally comes into play when watching sci-fi television. David Tennant's Doctor explained that such travel was next to impossible following the "Last Great Time War," but we all know next to impossible is still possible for the Doctor. Given that neither Doctor knows each other, and the new Doctor believed Gallifrey to be safe, I can't effectively rule out that the new Doctor is from a parallel universe and two worlds have collided!

Captain Jack Harkness Doctor Who BBC America

Is Jo Martin's Doctor Tied To Captain Jack?

Two very big things happened in the most recent Doctor Who, though I'm inclined to think Captain Jack's re-emergence isn't tied to the new Doctor. Captain Jack was not aware the Judoon were on the planet, which interfered with his tracking technology that kept picking up the companions. Hell, he didn't even know The Doctor is now a woman, so the chances are slim to nil he's even aware of Jo Martin's Doctor.

Instead, Captain Jack was there to warn about the potential return of the Cybermen. Meanwhile Jo Martin's Doctor was dodging Judoon and a Time Lord associate who wanted her captured at someone else's orders. Unless that client is a Cyberman, these two events seem entirely separate, and likely don't impact the new incarnation of The Doctor in any way. Hopefully, Captain Jack reemerge soon and fans will get his priceless reaction to not one, but two female Doctors.

Answers regarding Jo Martin's version of The Doctor will hopefully be answered in future episodes of Doctor Who Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on BBC America. Stick with CinemaBlend going forward to stay informed on the latest in television and movie news.

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