Bachelor Spoilers: The Theory That Peter Picks A Producer Is Awesome But Wrong

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SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

At this point, the show I'm most interested in is The Bachelor 2020 Fan Theories: How Does Peter Weber's Season End? Because the actual show on screen each Monday night (and last Wednesday) is almost too painful to watch. It's pure drama, no love story. No wonder spoilers point to Bachelor Peter having an abnormal ending with no engagement at the final rose ceremony itself. At this point, who would he even pick? Well, on that note, color me 100% delighted to read the latest fan theory -- that Bachelor Peter picked one of his producers.

Aha! The second I heard of this theory, spoiler guru Reality Steve debunked it, but that has not curbed my enthusiasm a bit. So far, I am enjoying the fan theories -- from that crazy pregnancy theory to this not-even-that-crazy producer theory.

After all, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette stars spend most of their time with producers. And as much as the producers can come across as shady mustache-twirling villains -- especially when they pull the kind of crap they did with Victoria F. and Chase Rice -- they are just regular people. Some of the producers have even gotten together themselves in real life, ala that UnREAL show. And there was that Rozlyn Papa storyline on Bachelor Jake Pavelka's season, where Chris Harrison had to earn his paycheck by confronting her about an inappropriate relationship with one of the producers during filming.

It would make sense for Bachelor Peter to have made a connection with someone like Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca. They have even shared photos together like this:

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How cute, right? There are more photos of Bachelor Peter and producer Julie, as shared on Reddit and then by Women's Health. Peter and Julie even spent New Year's 2020 together with his family. However, the theory does suffer under scrutiny. Because the producer also posted photos with Bachelorette Hannah Brown and others from Bachelor Nation. Plus, if they were really together I doubt he'd be tagging her and being so open about being so close. It's more likely they are just friends/colleagues -- she might be glued to his side after filming because that's how the show works.

Some fans are really fond of the Bachelor Peter + Producer Julie theory, probably because 1) We don't actually know who Bachelor Peter picks in the end after getting down to Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss; 2) He's rumored to not get engaged at the final rose ceremony itself; 3) Chris Harrison shows up in the end to say something funky; 4) Peter and Chris were pretty sure no one would guess the ending; and 5) We have yet to see another love story on screen.

Madison might be the one with the best connection (and least drama) to Bachelor Peter, but she's only had one date heading into the Peru episode this Monday. It still seems obvious that Peter should pick Madi, among his The Bachelor Season 24 lineup, but Peter doesn't seem to be making the best choices so far.

Anyway, whether you like this producer theory or not, Reality Steve has poured cold water on it:

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I disagree that it makes zero sense, especially when compared to the rest of this franchise. Reality Steve also previously shot down the theory that Bachelorette Hannah Brown returns in the end and SHE is the one Bachelor Peter is with.

Considering we have a surprise ending ahead, fans are busy speculating across every avenue, and also leaving the door open to hope that Steve's sources are wrong about this or that theory. Personally, I love it all. I thinks fans are being pretty damn clever to sleuth out these theories, even if they don't pan out. I still think whatever happens in the end will be boring by comparison, but the fans are making this season's mystery fun.

The Bachelor 2020 is down to Peter's final 6 at this point, then we have hometowns, overnight dates, the "Women Tell All" special, finale, "After the Final Rose" special, and then the announcement of whoever will be the next Bachelorette.

This silly but terribly addictive mess continues Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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