Bachelor Spoilers: Will Madison 'Win' Peter's Season By Default?

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SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

Madison Prewett is one of the only women on The Bachelor 2020 to avoid major drama. She's also one of the only women to be shown establishing a connection with Bachelor Peter Weber instead of fighting with or around him. There's a Bachelor promo clip of Madison telling Peter she feels like she's known him her whole life. That could be misdirection, but every once in a while a love story does manage to make it to air -- like Team Cupcake on The Bachelorette.

At this point, spoilers for The Bachelor Season 24 point to Peter getting down to two women and then doing ... something ... that gives him an abnormal ending. However, the final two are reportedly Madison Prewett and Hannah Sluss. Is Bachelor Peter dating or engaged to one of them now? Maybe. Whatever happens, it does seem like the show is keeping Madison out of the drama while Hannah Ann gets involved in everything. Is that a hint or a coincidence?

Kelley Flanagan is another bachelorette avoiding drama on The Bachelor, and considering she met Peter at a hotel before the season, I would've said she had a great storyline for a winner. Not that The Bachelor necessarily cares to edit winners kindly -- see Vienna, see Courtney, see most of these winners. But they do tend to like to show a love story at some point.

But Kelley has already been spoiled as leaving before hometowns. She might be a contender for The Bachelorette, unless she's considered too normal for that mess. But unless spoilers are wrong, Kelley is not in the running to be with Bachelor Peter in the finale or now. (Unless spoilers are wrong, Bachelorette Hannah Brown is also not in the running to be with Bachelor Peter in the finale or now.)

Madison, though, has not only stayed out of most of the drama, Chris Harrison even praised her attributes and said "this is a good girl" in his pre-season cast announcement. Hannah Ann, on the other hand, he called very naive about the whole Bachelor world (despite being friends with Bachelor alum Hannah Godwin), and said she got in the middle of every bit of drama. He also said that while she seems sweet, quiet, and reserved, "Girl's got a backbone." (Not that that's a bad thing.)

But just because Madison seems like a "good girl" doesn't mean Peter will pick her. An early promo had a voice-over with a woman (Victoria F., it seems) saying she couldn't believe someone waited so long to tell Peter she was a virgin. That someone is said to be Madison. Also, during hometown dates, Madison's father reportedly does NOT give his blessing for her to marry Peter, because he's probably a good sane person. So virginity + dad may be obstacles for Peter in the end -- which may also play into Bachelor Peter not having a normal ending. Maybe he wants to be with Madi, and she isn't ready by the finale, but they are together now. That's one theory, among many.

The Bachelor fans have known about this final two from Reality Steve for a while, so they're looking for other clues. Madison has some social media activity that could be telling, but it could also be misleading, since she already openly met Peter's family and friends at his parents' vow renewal earlier on The Bachelor Season 24. Hannah Ann has reportedly met his parents too, but since that hasn't aired yet, she wouldn't be able to be so open about it.

There's also Jimmy Kimmel's "prediction" that Bachelor Peter picked Hannah Ann instead of Madison. Jimmy was the first to get Hannah Brown's final pick of Jed Wyatt correct, before Reality Steve's spoiler changed from Tyler to Jed. So Jimmy may have the inside scoop again, or he (or his wife Molly) may have just made a guess between the already-spoiled final two. (Or they picked the wrong one on purpose this time to work with ABC, who knows.)

Then again, Hannah Ann also got the first impression rose. That would be a good sign if this were The Bachelorette, but on The Bachelor the first impression rose has mostly been a curse.

So far, The Bachelor 2020 has been so full of fighting and drama on screen that I'm grateful for this endgame mystery off-screen. I wish spoilers only gave us up to the final two every season to make watching the rest of the show more interesting.

I happen to love all of the fan speculation -- from whatever Chris Harrison is telling Peter at the final rose ceremony, to whatever Peter's mom is talking about as she's crying in the final week, to why Peter's finale doesn't end with a proposal.

Bachelor Peter seems to be happy with how things turned out, and he's reportedly with either Hannah Ann or Madison now. He also said he didn't think anyone would guess how his season ended, which sent fans into a speculation frenzy that will probably end in disappointment when it's something much more boring than we thought.

The Bachelor 2020 has two episodes this coming week on Monday and Wednesday in early February. Together, they may show Peter Weber losing 10 women -- unless ABC airs the last rose ceremony, or even the result of the 2-on-1 date, the following Monday.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC. Keep up with everything premiering in early 2020 with our handy TV schedule.

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