Bachelor Spoilers: What Does Chris Harrison Tell Peter At The Final Rose Ceremony?

The Bachelor 2020 Chris Harrison tells Peter Weber something at final rose ceremony in Australia ABC

SPOILERS ahead on The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

I just love whenever The Bachelor host Chris Harrison is forced to do something beyond popping in to point out the final rose of the evening. And it sounds like Chris earns his paycheck in Peter Weber's The Bachelor 2020. Chris and Bachelor Peter have a few heart-to-heart talks, and Chris drops some kind of bombshell news on Peter out in Australia on what looks like final rose ceremony day itself.

What's up with that? What does Chris Harrison tell Peter at the final rose ceremony? Does it stop him from proposing to one of his final two in the Season 24 finale? Is Chris' news why Bachelor Peter doesn't have a "normal ending" to his season? (Update: Chris' news is reportedly tied to Hannah Ann thinking of leaving the show ... right after Madison already quit before the final rose ceremony.)

I've been speculating about all of this, along with the other mysteries of Peter's season -- like who Peter's mom wants him not to let go -- and posted seven ways the season could end. Fans have come up with at least one extra theory that seems out there ... but also feasible, for Bachelor Peter.

I love The Bachelor spoilers, but I miss the old sleuthing days -- from before Jason Mesnick's season, the first to be spoiled. Were you there for those good old days? [Stares wistfully out the window.] At any rate, Bachelor Peter Weber's 2020 season has been spoiled up to his final two, said to be Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss -- and not Hannah Brown in any way, supposedly -- but the finale result is tantalizingly out of reach.

Maybe Reality Steve will have finale details soon, but I kind of hope not. For now, The Bachelor 2020 ending remains unspoiled, with Pilot Pete himself seeming pretty confident it will stay a secret. He doesn't think we'll see what's coming for a mile, as he put it.

But let's talk specifically about whatever Chris Harrison tells Peter Weber that day. The Bachelor 2020 made the bold choice to start the entire season with a snippet from the final rose ceremony, which was held mid-November in Australia.

Chris Harrison: Before you do what you're about to do, there is something you should know.Peter Weber: What?Chris: There's something I just found out, all of us just found out.Peter: Oh my god.Chris: I'm not sure how all this ends, so I just wanted to give you a heads up...Peter: [walking around] I feel like I'm going to pass out right now. ... [lying in bed] It's just like the last thing I needed to hear.

I still wonder if Peter felt like he was going to pass out because The Bachelor decided to film the finale in the center of Australia toward the start of their summer.

But the news -- what did Chris Harrison and the people included in "all of us" just find out? And why wouldn't Chris know "how all this ends" if it's down to the final rose? Isn't his job normally to escort the losing woman -- who has no idea she's about to be dumped -- over to the Bachelor to be dumped? But in this case, Steve already said Peter didn't have the normal ending of dumping one woman before picking another. And how much information are we missing between what Chris just found out and the heads up? Promos are so often misleading.

So right now, speculation is flying. First things first -- Reality Steve did say, with confidence, that Bachelorette Hananh Brown does not come back. Hannah B. has no part of the finale. It really reads to me like she does, but apparently she is no longer part of Bachelor Peter's story.

After hearing that, I was thinking maybe Hannah Ann or Madison had to leave Australia and fly home, ending the show with no engagement. Several fans were wondering if Peter got one of the women pregnant and everyone (conveniently) just found out at the end of Peter's "journey." Yes, the show has condoms everywhere, but accidents can happen, and it sounds like Peter was quite busy in the past year. #WindmillWarrior

Chris Harrison and Peter Weber have teased that the ending is not only surprising, but gut-wrenching and will break your heart. So it sounds like the finale is sad for Peter, but he seems to be happy now. Reality Steve said he thinks Peter is currently with either Madison or Hannah Ann. Steve may have a more definitive spoiler any day now, but it sounds like the end result -- post-final-rose-ceremony -- is still one of those two ladies.

In that way, it sounds like the opposite of Bachelorette Hannah Brown's ending. She had a happy finale, getting engaged to Jed Wyatt. It was only after she finished filming her season that the stuff about Wrong Reasons Jed came out, and The Bachelorette filmed her dumping Jed to air on the "After the Final Rose" special.

I would not be shocked if Bachelor Peter also had a lot of news come out during his "After the Final Rose" special. Will he get engaged live on the show? Is his show not even over yet, as in he hasn't picked someone?

Don't forget that Jimmy Kimmel predicted that Peter would pick Hannah Ann, and Jimmy was right about Hannah B. picking Jed, even when the initial spoilers said she picked Tyler. I'm clinging to that, not because I want Peter to pick Hannah Ann -- who was almost immediately compared to The Bachelorette's Luke P. -- but because it's possibly the first actual "spoiler" about the ending. But for Jimmy, it was just a "prediction," not a spoiler, so we'll see.

Watch the final season finale promo again:

The second promo, with finale scenes toward the end of the video, cut part of Chris Harrison's speech to Peter Weber but added a Peter scene that still looks like it was in Australia but maybe set a day or more before the final rose ceremony. Bachelor Peter is wearing a checkered shirt, not a suit, as he talks about his heart being broken:

I plan to read way too much into every single promo during The Bachelor Season 24. Even if more spoilers come out, I may doubt them, mostly because I'm enjoying the partial mystery. It has been a long time since I watched a Bachelor finale without being pretty sure what would happen, so I hope 1) things remain hidden and 2) it's worth the suspense.

The Bachelor 2020 continues Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, then we have the weird sounding new Bachelor spinoff instead of a spring season of Dancing With the Stars, and then one of Peter's rejected ladies will almost certainly be the 2020 Bachelorette.

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