Bachelor Spoilers: Who Will Be The Next Bachelorette 2020? Hannah, Kelley, Or...?

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SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

Who will be The Bachelorette 2020? Honestly, can you even think of any good contenders from Bachelor Peter Weber's season? I'd say Kelley Flanagan but I'm worried 1) she's too normal, 2) she's too sane, 3) she's too calm, 4) The Bachelor producers couldn't manipulate her enough to cast her. Instead, I feel like it's going to come down to last year's Bachelorette Hannah Brown or maybe another Hannah, Hannah Ann Sluss.

Some The Bachelor Season 24 fans think Hannah Ann has a good shot, but that's assuming she's not already dating/engaged to Bachelor Peter now. Current spoilers have given us up to Bachelor Peter's final two -- said to be Hannah Ann and Madison Prewett. Hannah Brown reportedly does NOT return in the end, despite Chris Harrison dropping some kind of news that would fit right into Hannah B. conspiracy theories.

If Bachelor Peter picks Madison in the end -- and I already feel like it's obvious he should, which probably means he doesn't -- maybe Hannah Ann does have a great shot at being the 2020 Bachelorette. It depends on how the show is left off. If not her, then there's a good chance Bachelorette Hannah Brown could get Round 2 after Wrong Reasons Jed up-ended her season. ABC does love Hannah B. after The Bachelor 2019, Bachelorette, a pop-in on Bachelor in Paradise, another couple of pop-ins on The Bachelor 2020, and winning Dancing With the Stars 2019.

That said, do fans want to see even more of Bachelorette Hannah Brown? Some of us could use a break from Hannah B. -- especially if she's not actually with Bachelor Peter now. I wouldn't mind Hannah B. and Peter being together, but she did say she was single. She recently shot down a lot of rumors but seemed to keep the door open on the idea of being the Bachelorette again.

Reality Steve also left the door open for Hannah Brown to be the Bachelorette again. Not that he knows what's happening yet. Host Chris Harrison said they'd wait and see what Bachelor Nation wanted. Fans are fickle. We don't all agree on anything, but most of the time the loudest consensus comes at the end of a season. Fans have short memories and offer knee-jerk reactions to whatever was just shown on TV, and Bachelor Peter's "After the Final Rose" special should be the last thing we see before The Bachelorette begins.

Because of that, fans tend to think whoever was just on screen might make a good Bachelorette. I thought it myself for Victoria P. on The Bachelor 2020 until she left. Some fans thought that for Kelsey Weier after her one-on-one date and sad family history; it seemed like she was having a "comeback" after ChampagneGate, ala Hannah Brown flaking out during Bachelor Colton's season but having a better showcase a bit later. Kelsey has a built-in storyline angle with champagne as her own windmill.

But then Kelsey brought the emotional instability back in a big way and, to me, showed she would not make a good Bachelorette. (Not that emotional instability would prevent Kelsey from being the Bachelorette -- it may even help her case if all they care about is the drama.)

I thought Tammy Ly might be a good choice at one point, but she and Mykenna Dunn both ended up looking bad by the end of their 2-on-1 date.

Who is even a decent contender from Bachelor Peter's melodramatic season? Kelley is so refreshingly normal, but I feel like The Bachelorette producers wouldn't think she's dramatic enough for the franchise, even with a built-in hotel storyline to market around. I hope I'm wrong on that, though.

I feel like Hannah Ann might have a good shot if she's not with Peter now, because the "naive" (per Chris Harrison) model already got sucked into ChampagneGate via producer manipulation, and I wouldn't be shocked if they did it again. Plus, I like how she handled her response to Kelsey while that was playing out. Kelsey came across as over-the-top and Hannah Ann looked good by comparison. Sure, Hannah Ann did bring it up to Bachelor Peter, and was even shown crying about it later, but I don't really blame her for defending herself. She got dragged into that mess and blamed for it.

Bachelor Peter recently expressed doubts about Hannah Ann, mostly because she kept trying to give "perfect" responses to things before getting tearful and vulnerable with him. That's exactly what Bachelorette Hannah B. did on The Bachelor before getting "vulnerable." Opening up and getting "vulnerable" is The Bachelor code for telling a sob story and crying. Peter seems to LOVE when his women cry, which looks like a red flag from here, but The Bachelor franchise as a whole likes to see leads wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Hannah Ann has been seen as potentially too young to be ready for marriage, but she's not even the youngest on Bachelor Peter's season. Mykenna's age was listed at 22. Plus, Madison Prewett is also 23. And Hannah Brown was 24 when she was on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Hannah Ann said she'd never been in love before, but I don't see that as a deterrent from being the Bachelorette. If anything, it may help the producers come up with a storyline for her, depending on how things end with Bachelor Peter after that mysterious finale.

Peter reportedly did not have a normal ending, as in he supposedly didn't get engaged on the final rose ceremony day, but Reality Steve said he thinks Peter is currently with either Hannah Ann or Madison right now.

What if Jimmy Kimmel is right and Bachelor Peter did pick Hannah Ann over Madison? Would Madison be a good Bacheorette candidate or is she too normal and non-dramatic like Kelley? Plus, Madison is reportedly a virgin. Would that help her Bachelorette storyline or would they not want to do that again after Colton?

There will be backlash to whoever is picked as The Bachelor and Bachelorette, because there always is. And, to be honest, the lead never matters as much as the contestants themselves. They make the show. Fans will watch The Bachelorette to see the next Tyler or Mike (or Luke P.).

And it's almost better for the rose-giver to be someone you don't like that much because they always always always disappoint you at some point in the "journey." Bachelor Peter is disappointing me all over the place, and it would probably be the case for a Bachelor Mike or Bachelor Tyler too. (I doubt they'd be clumsy enough to bash their heads on golf carts, though.)

At this point, Bachelor Peter is down to his final six ladies. Who do you see as Bachelorette potential, from that group or past seasons like Hannah B.? The Bachelorette has never once in 15 seasons picked a woman who was not previously part of The Bachelor franchise. Should they break that tradition this year?

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